27 March 2008

My Intro.

Im Ms_Slim. Im an intellectual, a conversationalist, a realist, and an optimist all wrapped in one. I read for pleasure and write for release. I'm cool, I’m a nerd, I'm conservative, I'm liberal, and I'm a rebel. I follow the rules but I'm not a conformist. I'm unique, I'm different, and I'm a breath of fresh air with a mission in life. Family ranks high and friends are behind them but above all of that is my Spiritual Strength that helps to guide me through it all in this journey called Life. I'm an open-book but I'm the most private person I know. I'm closed in but I hate to be confined. I'm a homebody but I'm very outgoing. I’m a fashionista and I have my own style. I set trends but like to mimic the celebrities…on occasion. I hate routine and get bored quickly, but too much "fun" is even worse. I can’t do what others do because I lead by example. I know what I want in life and though this section sounds very similar to a walking contradiction, my Mission and Purpose are perfectly clear. I'm High on Life and Ambition is my heroine!

Welcome to my Spot.

Part 2 to come