30 April 2009

Pink LadyBug

For as long as I can remember, I've always been one to keep my nails done, either by going to a professional and spending upwards towards seventy-five dollars every two or three weeks on a mani and pedi or by my own hands. As a child in elementary school, I set up a 'Nail Shop' to which case I had my parents spend all sorts of money on all the materials I needed to make my extra dough. I had polishes, acrylics, files, clippers, brushes, decals and stones...everything. And I charged my friends five to ten bucks a piece to get their 'nails did'.

I was pretty good too. I had appointments for after school, on the weekends, and all throughout the summer. I didnt limit myself to doing nails. I did hair as well. And I've always been very well-versed in the art of both hair and nail care. For that reason, I have always kept a bit more supplies than the average female in regards to hair, nails, and skin care. One day I'll write more on hair...but today, we're talking NAILS.

In high school, I always kept my nails done. When I started working at 16, part of my money was spent on dance (and during my team's competition season [and even during the regular season at times], it was against the rules to have my nails done), another part was spent on fashion, and the other part was spent in the nail salon. I did the designs and the decals and back when airbrushing was in style, I did that too. However, when I got to college, I mainly kept my nails clear or in a french manicure. I found I was too busy to keep it up myself, not to mention the nail salons in my college town were wack, so I didn't even bother even when I found the time.

After college, however, I was back on my nail regimen routine. I stayed in the salon every three weeks (gel sets are the best and last much longer) for manicures and pedicures. I haven't done acrylics in years and opt for my own nails. Plus, acrylics are a little harder to function with in the office. My nails even grew out to several inches past my fingers and I cut them down last summer after getting frustrated with the increased cost of paying for 'long nail' treatments.

The past few months, however, in the midst of the current state of the economy, have left me regressing back to my elementary days of doing my own nails and I've gotten far more interested in the art of nail design. Plus, I've got more priorities, which means I've got more money, but more things to tend to with said money. In February, I started really getting into designing and have found it to be a really relaxing hobby for me. Though I've been prompted by many friends, I've promised not to post any pictures of my designs until I was more confident in my work. Here is my latest design. My friend calls it, "Pink LadyBug". Enjoy.

When I finally give in and buy a new laptop screen (it's broken :( ), I hope to one day do a tutorial blog. Til then, I'll just post pics! :)

Happy Thursday all.

28 April 2009

Happiness, by SLH

Hey, All.

Remember the Spike Lee Hater (SLH) from this post and this post? Well he's back (for this blog, of course) and has given me a little insight on the topic of 'happiness'. This is why I keep this guy around. He is so genuine and I love his analogies on Life. I thought this needed to be shared with others and who am I to be selfish and stingy? Read on. It isn't long. I promise.

Happiness, as seen from the eyes of SLH:

Think of happiness..as eating right.
Everyday you eat.
Some days you come up on free meals...that are delicious.
Some days you pay for good food.
Some days you spend a lot and come up with crappity crap crap
And some days you cook for yourself
Either way, end of the day...you need to get fed

So think of yourself cooking...as you making your own happiness
If it's sunny outside, decide to enjoy the sun
If it's rainy outside, decide to enjoy the rain
If the radio is playing all left handed artists...decide you love you some left-handed Luther*
Take the ingredients you got and make yourself a good meal
Now...once you've satisfied your own hunger, think of those around you that also need to eat
Every day they have to find food...either pay for it, come up on free food or hope you share your cooking

It's impossible for everyone to be satisfied/happy/excited about their food every day
But you learn what you like
And you learn what others like
And before you know it, you're a bomb ass chef
And you're cookin up the unimaginable and not only do you like it...those around you wanna eat off your pot too
It's not gonna happen immediately
And just cuz you made a good meal yesterday or ate well last week...doesn't mean you'll eat well tonight

*I asked if Luther was really a lefty and he said, "no clue, but it worked for my little rant". lol. Everyone have a good Tuesday.

24 April 2009

And the Award Goes To....


I tried refraining from this for weeks (and was only going to come back to the blogosphere for this reason alone, smh)...but....I'm so sick of Diddy, I don't even know what the Hell to do anymore. So many questions come to the surface of my mind like.................Why is he still around (performance-wise)? I mean he's the catalyst for the talented Day26 (whose name could have easily been changed to ClosetQueens after further review of their shenanigans on MTB4 this season.....Whew!...[Que and Rob, we alllll know the truth; just come out the closet already!])..BUT.....he's also the catalyst for the BreakUp of DanityKane (all of their ridiculously [and highly unnecessarily] large egos aside), we all know the mastermind behind the demise is Mister Sean 'P Diddy' Combs himself. Eden's Crush, anyone?

Diddy is also cornier than a field full of stalks. How is he still getting play? Who wears a Pirates' team cap for the sole purpose of the 'P' to indicate the 'Puff'? *crickets anyone?* A corny nukka named P Diddy, that's who! I've got the mind to believe that he even approved of Day26's continuously off beat and out of style style. Why is Rob still rocking a mohawk......with designs etched throughout the sides, no less? Why is Brian still wearing braids that went out as soon as Obama was elected and was pushed further into Hairdo Heaven as soon as A.I and Carmelo Anthony stepped foot into somebody's barbershop? And who approved of Willie's get up last night? Que is insane (and such a suspect I've already reached a 'guilty' verdict), but I'm sure that was just for TVs sake. Mike is pretty normal but he's suspect to me too. No one approved of this mess other than Diddy. I mean I could go on and on about his corniness...but I'd rather not.

Know what? Forget it. I'll continue. Why is Diddy still dancing and singing in his artists' videos and onstage? Last week on MTB4 (Making the Band 4 for the unfamiliar), Diddy said, "Day26 will be on stage....with me!" Nah, son. YOU will be on stage with Day26. There is a difference! Day26 is the show..........not you! Get your life together!

But seriously...does he think the group can't be onstage without him? Why is he necessary for the show? Is he that self-centered and self-indulged he'd go as far as to steal the shine from the very group he created and brought to stardom in the first place (secret lives exposed regardless)? He does this with all of his artists and I'm tired of it. To Diddy (and I'd put this on Twitter but...I'm not on there so...): (in the voice of Tyra) You wanna be on TOP? (record scratch - end voice) Then do you OWN music! Sheesh! Suge Knight had a point when he blasted you at the Souce Awards all those years ago---wait! Okay, bad example--Is Clive Davis hopping in folks videos? No, you say? I suggest you follow suit....cause henceforth, you look BAD! (and before you even get the mind to say it--that 'bad' is NOT used in a positive light nor is it an invite to say some corny shyt like, "yea I'm Bad like Bad Boy, boyeee" or any other ridiculousness. Get it together.... NOW!)

Aight I'm done with my rant.

Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, Fix it! Cause I'm worried!


PS; I like Donnie Klang's sound and will support his music. I know you've got the urge to but...don't eff him up, Diddy. He is good where he is so far.

23 April 2009

I Wanna...

Hey, All. How'd you like the new layout? One thing about me--I can't keep a layout for TOO long. I get bored and in everything I do, I've gotta change things up to keep the heat going.

Continuing on...

April is National Poetry Month and since I'm just now getting back to the swing of things here on Blogger, I figure I throw one up. Who cares if Im towards the end of the month? lol

This piece isn't even finished...I don't think. But here's what I've got so far.

**Click the PLAY button to hear the song for this blog below (also - you may wanna PAUSE or STOP the song playing on the blog over on the right too :) )


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I Wanna...

I wanna feel the wind come up from underneath me
Wrap itself around me
Take hold of me
And lift me up

High above the ground effortlessly
And like a bird in the sky, I fly
Like TinkerBell. Perhaps better. Like Mal.

I wanna find that permanent grin that's hidden
Ever so clever-ly within the molds of my face
And finds cover within the depth of my soul
I'm prepared to hunt it down, like in a treasure hunt
But I know it can't be forced

Pushing all the obvious attributes aside
I realize that I've gotta find it deep inside
For within me, so deeply it hides
My latest tat reminds me daily
I know its in there somewhere

I wanna dream big in a realistic fantasy
Without barriers
Or worries
It'd be nice to also be void of responsibility or priority

Close my eyes and fall into a slumber
And dream a dream so real I believe it's real
Even though my mind's been reeled into the beauty of such a cosmic lie
That I eventuallyl wake up and whisper, 'I can'

22 April 2009

Life's A Pimp

*peeks around door* Anyone there? *walks in and waves* Hey.

I'm back....I think.

I haven't posted a real blog in a very long time. All I can say is that Life happened...and is still happening. I'm getting through, taking steps, and learning.

Thing is though, despite my 'thirst for knowledge'...I'm kinda tired of 'learning'.

Walk with me just a bit. It'll make sense, I promise.

I say that Life is the greatest teacher. It's the greatest teacher of self, of love, of happiness, of success, of sadness, of pain, of experiences. Without a doubt, Life teaches it all.

However what I'm tired of is....how said lessons are taught. You see, I compare the dynamics of learning in Life with learning in School and I have to remind myself that....Life lessons and School lessons are completely NOT one in the same.

And that's what I hate.

In Life, I feel as though nothing is learned until it is experienced. And it isn't experienced until a 'failing' of some sort happens. (I don't know the fire is hot until I touch its flames.) In school, I never failed. I excelled automatically. I never struggled in school. In fact, I was an Honors student in college and was on organizations and everything. I didn't have to FAIL in order to retain the lessons taught to me. I was guided through instruction and PASSED...with flying colors. (I was told beforehand that the flames will hurt my skin if I touch them so therefore, I stayed the fuck back.)

In Life, it isn't until I fall that I "get" the lesson I am supposed to learn. I have a major problem with that. And for that reason alone, I don't want the lessons anymore. I just want to know beforehand. This 'learning as I go' mess is for the birdies. For real.

Now am I struggling with Life? I certainly wouldn't say so. However, I have very little patience (and I'm spoiled...still, smh), so it would behoove me to have a manual of some sort.


Here's a blog I wrote sometime in February that never got posted. I called it, "Life's a Pimp"

Life's a Pimp

I don't know everything.

I mean I never claimed to know everything in the first, but...recently it either feels like I don't know as much as I thought or...I don't know anything at all. Considering the fact that I know I am a very intelligent individual, I'll go with the former choice instead.

I understand that I'm still learning. Still making mistakes and going through the random periods of trial, error, and (in some cases) complete and utter fucking up altogether. Such is life. I just wish that there was a manual to this whole 'Life' thing at times. Or perhaps I'm the only one that feels I should have been equipped with an instruction book at onset. A cheat-sheet of sorts. Or something.

"How to Successfully Play Life Instead of Life Playing You" seems like the appropriate title of a best-seller, no?


That's all I had to say,


08 April 2009

...For Now...part 2

I'm still not writing. Still not 'here'. Still on 'hiatus from posting'. Still..........still? There's still a lot going on and in the process of taking care of the things on my Life's plate, I sorta lost my writing mojo. Perhaps I'll find it soon.

Anyway, here's some pics/vids I like. Or just find......interesting. Enjoy.

1. May Essence Mag

2. From Yves Saint Laurent...

...I need. Too bad they're $950.00. No bueno.

3. Keri Hilson - Knock You Down video

Not late in the least. Just 'late' to blogger. But...I love Keri. Her style is dope (not to mention that short cut is hot on her and lightweight makes me not want to grow my hair out anymore because mine is exactly like this sans the highlights right now). Not a fan of Ne-Yo at all (corny, much?) ...so I don't think he was necessary.

4. Just when I thought that 'phase' was through...

Kanye Dance from SWAY Studio on Vimeo.

Through all the 'Ye is gay' whispering, I always defended. But this? iLaughed...but still.

5. Eminem - We Made You

I'm just glad he's back.

Alright. Fin.