28 April 2009

Happiness, by SLH

Hey, All.

Remember the Spike Lee Hater (SLH) from this post and this post? Well he's back (for this blog, of course) and has given me a little insight on the topic of 'happiness'. This is why I keep this guy around. He is so genuine and I love his analogies on Life. I thought this needed to be shared with others and who am I to be selfish and stingy? Read on. It isn't long. I promise.

Happiness, as seen from the eyes of SLH:

Think of happiness..as eating right.
Everyday you eat.
Some days you come up on free meals...that are delicious.
Some days you pay for good food.
Some days you spend a lot and come up with crappity crap crap
And some days you cook for yourself
Either way, end of the day...you need to get fed

So think of yourself cooking...as you making your own happiness
If it's sunny outside, decide to enjoy the sun
If it's rainy outside, decide to enjoy the rain
If the radio is playing all left handed artists...decide you love you some left-handed Luther*
Take the ingredients you got and make yourself a good meal
Now...once you've satisfied your own hunger, think of those around you that also need to eat
Every day they have to find food...either pay for it, come up on free food or hope you share your cooking

It's impossible for everyone to be satisfied/happy/excited about their food every day
But you learn what you like
And you learn what others like
And before you know it, you're a bomb ass chef
And you're cookin up the unimaginable and not only do you like it...those around you wanna eat off your pot too
It's not gonna happen immediately
And just cuz you made a good meal yesterday or ate well last week...doesn't mean you'll eat well tonight

*I asked if Luther was really a lefty and he said, "no clue, but it worked for my little rant". lol. Everyone have a good Tuesday.


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I hear ya, sis :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady! Thanks for checking up on me. I'm wonderful, how about you?

"Either way, end of the day you need to get fed." Indeed. Loved this.

Ms_Slim said...

I am okay.

Thats one of my favorite parts in it as well.

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