23 April 2009

I Wanna...

Hey, All. How'd you like the new layout? One thing about me--I can't keep a layout for TOO long. I get bored and in everything I do, I've gotta change things up to keep the heat going.

Continuing on...

April is National Poetry Month and since I'm just now getting back to the swing of things here on Blogger, I figure I throw one up. Who cares if Im towards the end of the month? lol

This piece isn't even finished...I don't think. But here's what I've got so far.

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I Wanna...

I wanna feel the wind come up from underneath me
Wrap itself around me
Take hold of me
And lift me up

High above the ground effortlessly
And like a bird in the sky, I fly
Like TinkerBell. Perhaps better. Like Mal.

I wanna find that permanent grin that's hidden
Ever so clever-ly within the molds of my face
And finds cover within the depth of my soul
I'm prepared to hunt it down, like in a treasure hunt
But I know it can't be forced

Pushing all the obvious attributes aside
I realize that I've gotta find it deep inside
For within me, so deeply it hides
My latest tat reminds me daily
I know its in there somewhere

I wanna dream big in a realistic fantasy
Without barriers
Or worries
It'd be nice to also be void of responsibility or priority

Close my eyes and fall into a slumber
And dream a dream so real I believe it's real
Even though my mind's been reeled into the beauty of such a cosmic lie
That I eventuallyl wake up and whisper, 'I can'


Luvvie said...

I digs the new layout. Less is more sometimes.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Looking good, chica :-)!

VerbFashion said...

Absolutely dug heavily.

yay you're back to poetry!