24 April 2009

And the Award Goes To....


I tried refraining from this for weeks (and was only going to come back to the blogosphere for this reason alone, smh)...but....I'm so sick of Diddy, I don't even know what the Hell to do anymore. So many questions come to the surface of my mind like.................Why is he still around (performance-wise)? I mean he's the catalyst for the talented Day26 (whose name could have easily been changed to ClosetQueens after further review of their shenanigans on MTB4 this season.....Whew!...[Que and Rob, we alllll know the truth; just come out the closet already!])..BUT.....he's also the catalyst for the BreakUp of DanityKane (all of their ridiculously [and highly unnecessarily] large egos aside), we all know the mastermind behind the demise is Mister Sean 'P Diddy' Combs himself. Eden's Crush, anyone?

Diddy is also cornier than a field full of stalks. How is he still getting play? Who wears a Pirates' team cap for the sole purpose of the 'P' to indicate the 'Puff'? *crickets anyone?* A corny nukka named P Diddy, that's who! I've got the mind to believe that he even approved of Day26's continuously off beat and out of style style. Why is Rob still rocking a mohawk......with designs etched throughout the sides, no less? Why is Brian still wearing braids that went out as soon as Obama was elected and was pushed further into Hairdo Heaven as soon as A.I and Carmelo Anthony stepped foot into somebody's barbershop? And who approved of Willie's get up last night? Que is insane (and such a suspect I've already reached a 'guilty' verdict), but I'm sure that was just for TVs sake. Mike is pretty normal but he's suspect to me too. No one approved of this mess other than Diddy. I mean I could go on and on about his corniness...but I'd rather not.

Know what? Forget it. I'll continue. Why is Diddy still dancing and singing in his artists' videos and onstage? Last week on MTB4 (Making the Band 4 for the unfamiliar), Diddy said, "Day26 will be on stage....with me!" Nah, son. YOU will be on stage with Day26. There is a difference! Day26 is the show..........not you! Get your life together!

But seriously...does he think the group can't be onstage without him? Why is he necessary for the show? Is he that self-centered and self-indulged he'd go as far as to steal the shine from the very group he created and brought to stardom in the first place (secret lives exposed regardless)? He does this with all of his artists and I'm tired of it. To Diddy (and I'd put this on Twitter but...I'm not on there so...): (in the voice of Tyra) You wanna be on TOP? (record scratch - end voice) Then do you OWN music! Sheesh! Suge Knight had a point when he blasted you at the Souce Awards all those years ago---wait! Okay, bad example--Is Clive Davis hopping in folks videos? No, you say? I suggest you follow suit....cause henceforth, you look BAD! (and before you even get the mind to say it--that 'bad' is NOT used in a positive light nor is it an invite to say some corny shyt like, "yea I'm Bad like Bad Boy, boyeee" or any other ridiculousness. Get it together.... NOW!)

Aight I'm done with my rant.

Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, Fix it! Cause I'm worried!


PS; I like Donnie Klang's sound and will support his music. I know you've got the urge to but...don't eff him up, Diddy. He is good where he is so far.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Thank you for telling him off. I hope somehow he read this. Now time to write one on Kanye, please!

VerbFashion said...


We discuss this all the time, so rant approved.

I been over that Mohawk! And the ridiculous Mohawk hats for that matter...

Ms_Slim said...

Tasha: Thanks. Now Kanye............. I'm a Ye fan. Not sure I find a flaw in my rapper lol

Kidding. I know he gets a side-eye by default. But he isnt NEARLY as bad as Diddy who needs to promptly sat his ass DOWN somewhere! lol

VF: Seriously though. What the Hell is a Mohawk hat? Only Rob, the Closet Throb would know about that, smh...