22 April 2009

Life's A Pimp

*peeks around door* Anyone there? *walks in and waves* Hey.

I'm back....I think.

I haven't posted a real blog in a very long time. All I can say is that Life happened...and is still happening. I'm getting through, taking steps, and learning.

Thing is though, despite my 'thirst for knowledge'...I'm kinda tired of 'learning'.

Walk with me just a bit. It'll make sense, I promise.

I say that Life is the greatest teacher. It's the greatest teacher of self, of love, of happiness, of success, of sadness, of pain, of experiences. Without a doubt, Life teaches it all.

However what I'm tired of is....how said lessons are taught. You see, I compare the dynamics of learning in Life with learning in School and I have to remind myself that....Life lessons and School lessons are completely NOT one in the same.

And that's what I hate.

In Life, I feel as though nothing is learned until it is experienced. And it isn't experienced until a 'failing' of some sort happens. (I don't know the fire is hot until I touch its flames.) In school, I never failed. I excelled automatically. I never struggled in school. In fact, I was an Honors student in college and was on organizations and everything. I didn't have to FAIL in order to retain the lessons taught to me. I was guided through instruction and PASSED...with flying colors. (I was told beforehand that the flames will hurt my skin if I touch them so therefore, I stayed the fuck back.)

In Life, it isn't until I fall that I "get" the lesson I am supposed to learn. I have a major problem with that. And for that reason alone, I don't want the lessons anymore. I just want to know beforehand. This 'learning as I go' mess is for the birdies. For real.

Now am I struggling with Life? I certainly wouldn't say so. However, I have very little patience (and I'm spoiled...still, smh), so it would behoove me to have a manual of some sort.


Here's a blog I wrote sometime in February that never got posted. I called it, "Life's a Pimp"

Life's a Pimp

I don't know everything.

I mean I never claimed to know everything in the first, but...recently it either feels like I don't know as much as I thought or...I don't know anything at all. Considering the fact that I know I am a very intelligent individual, I'll go with the former choice instead.

I understand that I'm still learning. Still making mistakes and going through the random periods of trial, error, and (in some cases) complete and utter fucking up altogether. Such is life. I just wish that there was a manual to this whole 'Life' thing at times. Or perhaps I'm the only one that feels I should have been equipped with an instruction book at onset. A cheat-sheet of sorts. Or something.

"How to Successfully Play Life Instead of Life Playing You" seems like the appropriate title of a best-seller, no?


That's all I had to say,



VerbFashion said...

Learning...and Learning the hard way, interesting. Life indeed comes at you in various sorts. Often times I feel 'pimped' too but I feel like we're both taking it in stride.

I agree though, falling flat on your face isn't the most desirable way to learn said lessons. A manual/cheat sheet is in order! It's just would my choose-thy-own-way self use it if/when it's right in front of me?

South Loop Social Light said...

We all feel like this from time to time. If only there really WAS a manual on how to live life to the fullest... you have to continue doing the best you can, making mistake, learning from them, noticing life's red flags in the future, and making personal growth!

Ms_Slim said...

VF: Glad you feel me, girl.

SouthLoop: Very well. But if I had my hands on a manual to Life....believe me...I'm coppin' it! LOL :) Thanks for the words. Like Verb said, I'm taking it all in stride right now. I just get frustrated at times. Normal. :)

Solomon said...

I'm feeling you on this feeling 'pimped' bit.

I have been seeking the manual for some time now, but for some reason it is out of stock everywhere I go to find it {smiles}

It would be nice to quit falling on my face, hopefully I get what I need without too much more pain that I could definitely live without.