24 February 2009

The Spike Lee Hater, Part 1

"Spike Lee itches my soul. Tyler Perry itches my soul something awful also" -The Spike Lee Hater

Normally, I wouldn't get up in arms over this. Heck, I try to respect everyone's opinion, no matter how ridiculous it may come off in my head. But this--this statement took the cake on all ridiculous opinions made. It really did.

As if that weren't enough, TSLH* continues with:

"Bamboozled...one of the worst pieces of cinema I've ever sat through. It took about 5 years to stomach through watching it."

I am genuinely outdone. Like--mouth hanging open in complete confusion and perplexity FLOORED! What can any man do to be put in (nearly) the same vein as Tyler Perry?!



*TSLH- The Spike Lee Hater


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure this one out and the best I can come up with is that TSLH just doesn't get it.

You know how you encounter those people who ALWAYS say something ridiculous about something that is undeniably thought provoking or brilliant or maybe even just unique? It's because they don't get it.

Ms_Slim said...

I agree, AJ.
Thing is though, this homie is actually really smart, which is why I was so floored. I really didnt expect them to be so blasphemous against one of my favorite film directors of all time ESPECIALLY with one of my favorite movies of all time (Bamboozled). As the convo continued though, their reasons were understandable. I'll post the convo tomorrow.

They are still a hater though. Make no mistake :)

Assertive Wit said...

wow...they put Spike in the same boat as Tyler? I would NEVER have said that and I TOTALLY understand people's natural aversions to Spike. I admire him as a visionary in the cinematic world and only DREAM for an iota of his creativity but that's a bit far. Granted, I think Tyler is to be commended for giving "the people" (read: his people) EXACTLY what they want but still....I'd never lump them in the same category of greatness...wee harsh on that persons end LOL

P.S. - I'm a Spike fan and Bamboozled is on the low totem pole of his movies I love...I actually hated it until I watched it again years later and actually grasped EVERYTHING he was saying satirically...

NaturallyAlise said...

I love Spike Lee, but I do respect the opinion of the "Hater", I think he is entitled to that opinion, we get up in arms the same way a Tyler Perry devotee gets when we roast Mandea and 'nem. Everything ain't for everybody.