02 February 2009

Monday Blog Pimpage...

Monday Blog Pimpage…

I’ve got nothing but I want to post something. I’m also in a good mood so…here goes: I’ve come across some pretty good blogs lately and I must share. Enjoy:

VerbFashion- Her words are captivating…when she posts lol. In an effort to get her to post a bit more frequently, I’m trying to bring the readers to her. Check her out. She’s dope.

Robin Monique- She changed her site and went from The Confessions of a Skinny Black Girl to…Robin Monique. She’s real and shares it all in an effort to reach the masses and touch and inspire people through her words. Check her out.

Earthquakes for Snowflakes- This girl, Asia Kismet, is an artist in every sense of the word. Her blogs are usually pretty short but they have a way of making you love her style of writing. Or at least pause and think of what she’s written…and then love it, lol. Again, check her out. She’s dope as well.

Music That Moves Me- My homie for life, Stef does music blogs on videos that have had an effect on him in some way. Really good choices; you won't be disappointed.

Okay that’s all I’ve got.

Happy Monday everyone,



Stefan M. said...

Gracias, my dear :)

VerbFashion said...

Aww such a good look mal!

'preciate ya much.

Eb the Celeb said...

definitely going to check these out... robin is famous online so I already know her but def will check out the others