16 February 2009

Just Some Rambling...

...bear with me.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. A lot more than usually. I’ve been ‘absent’, ‘missing’. I disappeared quiet as a church mouse and couldn’t be found by neither Facebook, MySpace, Twitter (don’t have a Twitter and don’t really see a point in getting one; I’m on my anti-Twitter roll right now. I will not cave!), Gmail, any of my emails, phone call, text, or even a house visit. I was just….gone.

And many folk took notice. One even got angry with the act I pulled…even though they were the only ones that actually knew why I decided to dip out on the world for a little over a week in the first place.

Fact is though, I just needed to isolate myself for a little while. Sort through some things by becoming a hermit of sorts, gather myself, and pretty much ‘start anew’ in a sense. I promised myself that I wouldn’t come back from my hiding place until I felt like a ‘new me’ and all the thoughts that have been weighing in on me for quite some time had simmered at least a bit.

And here I am. I’m still a little ‘missing’ but not as explicitly as before. I’m working on it….so work with me.

I can’t say that said thoughts have ‘simmered’ but in taking a new direction with Life, I’ve learned (while in my personal realm) that everything is taken with the ‘one day at a time’ mindset. I can’t do everything at once, but I can continue to live and live I shall do.

To those that have inquired about me, if I haven’t already contacted you or even if you inquired by way of a mutual friend that asked me themselves what the Hell was up with me, thank you for your concern. I am okay. Just been on a whole new level of ‘doing me’ lately. Side note: I have been known to disappear out of the blue if I don’t want to be bothered; this is just the first time that I’ve done it in such a restricted fashion and also the first time I’ve done it for this long. I will check emails a little later.

Continuing on…

Over this time, though, I haven’t stopped writing at all. I’ve written several posts…which shall get posted soon.

I miss one of my friends and they really need to call me soon. Or something.

My Valentine weekend was cool. Went to the movies and out to eat, visited some friends, and witnessed (by way of one of my best friends’ cell phone) a proposal over the span of both Saturday and Sunday. Pretty solid weekend. How was yours?

I’ve also been shopping to my heart’s discontent. Online, in the mall, at strip malls, everywhere. It’s been pretty ridiculous. That’s another blog I’ll share soon though.

The ChRihanna situation has been on my mind as well and I wrote on it. But I won’t be posting that rant. Why? Well because everyone has written on it and no one (nope not even the most popular bloggers of the Free World) know the whole situation. Though I’ve been guilty of it several times, I hate writing about something for which I have extremely little (factual) information on and then having to add a “well this is just based off what I’ve been reading from the media” as a disclaimer. Ugh. However, I will say this (and this does not just go for Chris & Rihanna but for anyone involved in domestic violence…something I know about from personal experience):

Domestic violence is not okay in any form…..if a man hits a woman for no reason, he is a coward and should definitely be punished. The same rule applies to women too, however. I feel like if a woman has the balls to hit a man like she’s a man, she doesn’t get a pass simply because she is a female. (Females can, in fact, hurt a male physically) If she hit him like she wanted to fight, she should be braced for said fight to take place. Period. Also anyone involved in a violent relationship should seek professional help immediately…both parties, not just the abuser.

I’ve been getting emails from unrecognizable gmail accounts. When curiosity kills the cat and I check said email, I find that it’s spam from MySpace. Here is one:

Note: The address that this came from was: JamarKingQW@gmail.com with the Subject Line saying, “You still interested in talking?”

Here is the message:

Have not heard from you in awhile. You still single? I am back in the
dating game.
I setup a new profile on a new site. If you are still intrested you should look me up
my MSN is jane.abernathy2185@hotmail.com
Hope to hear from you soon

  1. I have not been on MySpace in Lord knows how long. The only reason I signed onto the sight in the past several months was to check my messages and because I didn’t know how to do video blogs in my blog on here. So I’d do them on MySpace and instead of hitting ‘Post’, I’d just copy and paste the blog onto blogger. Now that I know how to do them, I haven’t signed on at all. It’s been way over a week since I learned….

  1. This ‘person’ used an email address that clearly makes it look like this is from a male (by the way: I have no clue who a ‘Jamar King’ is in the first place). Then the body of the email directs me to a whole different email address which leads me to believe that this is from a woman. Hmmm……no thanks. I’m straight. Literally. Figuratively. And definitely sexually.

  1. Did MySpace really have to resort to this? I know they have been losing the battle to Facebook and Twitter but…..sigh…(and yes I know this is from MySpace because Ive gotten several other messages of this exact same format and they say, “…..saw your profile on MySpace” or something to that effect. (my profile is private, by the way). This was just the very last one I’ve gotten in my yahoo inbox.

Anyway, I think I'm coming down with something and I can't stop sneezing. Doesn't feel too hot.

I think that’s it.

For now.



A Genius said...

I was wondering...to myself and shit. Well, welcome backish and all that...Hope everything wellish and all that...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dont isolate yourself and i wish folks cared or knew as much about obama's recovery plan as they do chris brown - dang

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If you are a person that is in violent,you should not be like Rihanna, because she was so stupid and did not say anything.