19 February 2009

Someone Tell Me This Isnt Real...

I'm having a real hard time with this.

Someone please tell me that this is a photoshopped pic.

PS; I am in no way a "fan" of Chris Brown's music like that at all. I am having a hard time with this because if this pic is the real pic, the abuse is solidified. And my heart will have just broken a little.


A.J. Brown said...

I was told that TMZ's was the real deal. And now that I see it, I'm really hoping its not. This pic just pissed me off. SMH

VerbFashion said...

He's really ridiculous and I don't think any apology is adequate.

I was under the impression that a casual smack took place (not that even that is okay) but it really looks like he went to town on her face.

tsk tsk.

DLG said...

It's real:( Someone from the LAPD sold the picture, which is incredibly illegal and unethical. He needs to go to jail:(

I WAS a Chris Brown fan and I didn't care too much for Rihanna, but wrong is wrong.