19 September 2008

Fall Grocery List

It's that time of year again. It's FALL…or at least it will be officially on the 21st. With the beginning of a new season comes new shopping. At least that's how it's always been for me. I shop every season, not necessarily giving my self a whole new wardrobe at all because I keep my clothes in good condition and make them last a long time, but I update. Often. I admit that I don't go nearly as hard as I did as a high schooler with no bills, but I definitely make sure that I keep it current.

At the end of the spring season, as a part of my spring cleaning (which I tend to get into later than most, no big), I donate a LOT of clothes. Every year. I am no stranger to Salvation Army when it comes to donating.

I haven't began fall shopping at all yet. Here is a brief list of items and looks that will comprise my closet at some point this fall season. Enjoy. (I completely bit this idea from my friend, Lauren, but here we go...)

LOOKS: (Full outfits. I may have a part or two of said look already, now that I think about it)




(I love this jacket. I like a lotta vintage styles)

TEES: (Who says that t-shirts are just for Spring and Summer?)

(Long Tee of Literature Noir)

(Sleeveless Tee of Model.Live)

(Rock The Vote Tee--Nuff Said. I love this shirt)

(It says, "The Sun Also Rises". I thought this was dope!)


(I only have about a trillion button up shirts. You could never have enough button up shirts, though...)

(I like this one a lil more than the above. Both are hot though...)


(I have just as many pencil skirts as I do button up tops. But I do not have a RUFFLED pencil skirt. This one is dope.)

SHOES: (I love shoes. I think I have an addiction. Seriously, is there a such thing as a shoe-a-holic? Is there a SSA [Shoe Shoppers Anonymous] anywhere?)

(I didnt wanna over-do it. Plus I got lazy on the search, but these boots? Vintage and the heel isnt ridiculously high. I'll be about 5'11" in these. Not so bad. I want them!)


(I want another leather one too but this one is just so hot. I love it.)

This concludes Part 1 of my Fall Grocery List. What's on your list?


Eb the Celeb said...

Ok where are those boots from... we're not in the same city so I can jack...lol

rebecca said...

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