02 September 2008

Straight From the Top

This blog is probably gonna suck. It's a rant and I'm literally not editing this. This is straight from the top.

Here goes.

I am an easily irritated individual for the most part. I'm most commonly irritated though by folk who lack (or occasionally fail to make use of their) common sense. Lately, it's gotten to the point of borderline ridiculousness really. Common sense isn't common at all and alas…I have no patience.

Case in point: While we can agree that not everyone has the same political views, can we at least agree that at this time of supreme economic strife, that we'd all have fundamentally the same goals and desires for our country? You know—the better healthcare thing, the universal education thing, the tex break thing, and if nothing else—the lower gas prices thing? Do we as Americans during such a trying time not want the same things? I thought so too. So why in the world am I hearing, "Oh it's gonna be a close race between Obama & McCain"? How is it gonna be a close race? HOW?! I am begging to be enlightened, because I have obviously missed the bus on the "McCain" bandwagon long ago. For one, McCain doesn't even have the same principles at all. He doesn't even know the definition of "middle-class". As Obama said, "it's not that McCain doesn't care, it's that McCain doesn't get it." I want a president that "gets it". We can't afford to have another airhead running us. BOO!!!

Now for my McCain supporters, can someone tell me why you're voting for him? Let's talk because I'm genuinely concerned and I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt at onset and as I see it, McCain does not have our best interests at heart. I really wanna know though—how does McCain rank OVER Obama? Talk to me folks, because as far as I can tell (which is pretty dang far), McCain's an idiot and there is no competition between the two. McCain went as far as to pick a woman (Sarah-freaking-Palin) for Vice President in efforts to coax women voters everywhere. He isn't slick. At all. It would have been completely different if the woman he chose had some credibility under her belt (like say—Hillary Clinton). But she doesn't so his move was not only shallow, but incredibly unintelligent. She's the senator of Alaska, sure. But let's talk—who is she really? Before being senator of the country's largest state that has the population of 63 individuals, she was a mayor at a small town in the state. Given this bit of facts, would you honestly call her prepared to run the country if push comes to shove (ie; McCain's fate is called)? She also just had a baby and looks exactly like Tina Fey. Let's be really real here. I'm serious.

Racism is an ugly disease. And it's spreading rapidly.

And speaking of idiots, I showed my dad T-Baby's video and he just shook his head in shame. My dad is extremely blunt. Extremely. Worse than me (I'm not really blunt because I think before I say everything, but I can be extremely sarcastic, borderline crass) And for the first two minutes of the vid (which I refuse to post on here—look it up on YouTube if you haven't caught it), he was straight emotionless but remained shaking his head. When she lost the beat at 2:23 though, he fell out laughing. He could no longer hold it. At the end, we went into a deep discussion about our present state in the music game. Black music.

I miss a lot of folks that were heavily in the music scene once upon a time. Do you know who I'm waiting on next though? Erykah Badu. New Amerykah was good, but I didn't really get into it until after a few listens. She's supposed to have another edition to the album—like a second part to it and my only hope is that it closely aligns to Mama's Gun, which, in my opinion, was her absolute best album. Many people know why I love her. Her sound is different, she's true to herself in every sense of the word, and she holds subliminal messages in just about every song. I love that.

And ignoring the radio is pretty easy.

I've been asked numerous times how it is that I can easily ignore people, places, or things that bother me, or that I know would upset me in any way. It's easy. Since I don't attach myself emotionally to a lot of things, backing away is relatively simple. I don't "catch feelings" fast, so if a guy acts completely out of hand, it's usually nothing at all for me to assume the position and press forward. When I have feelings though, it's a mess on all fronts. Being a Libra leaves me to be an extremely "all or nothing" type of individual. I either ride for you……or I don't. There really isn't any "gray area". Some people don't understand that. I'm just now understanding it myself.

I'm also extremely non-confrontational for the most part. While I love a good seasoned debate on politics, music, black culture, anything, I cut all of that off when it comes to senseless discussions. I told a friend, "not everyone is worth the worry you bestow upon them". And it's true. One thing about me that I think everyone knows by now lol is that—I don't like to waste time. At all. This goes for senseless arguments (alone), plans for the future, and unnecessary car driving. It's just not me.

There are a lot of pieces of me, I noticed. A lot more than I thought there were. I think I'm gonna blog on that soon too. Maybe.

Speaking of blogs, does anyone remember the Lady Intellect Volume blogs that my girl Joy and I did? I have a lot of new readers and we haven't done one in almost a year! Well, we'll be doing one soon. Watch out for it.

I read a very interesting blog this morning that a new reader led me to called, "Mister Nice Guy". The reader of mine was commenting my last blog where I talked about the WAD (Wack Ass Dude) that was married…..but not in a relationship. The girl in the blog, however, gives reasons as to why she prefers a complete asshole over a nice guy. It's pretty interesting but I didn't comment on it because there are already over 100 comments on it lol. I still want a nice guy………………but I can understand her reasons. Kinda.

My birthday is in 22 days and I don't know what I'm gonna do yet. I need to start planning soon…….the 23rd is a big age. Wait no……it's just been a big year. I figure a celebration of some sort is in order…..

That's all that's in my head right now. Actually it isn't but I've been chastised for my lengthy blogs. I'm gonna start doing them in parts. Or I'll at least try to. sigh

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