07 October 2009

Green Eyes

I know our love will never be the same
But I can't stand the growing pains

"Emotions run rampant as I sit in reflection, mentally reenacting the times and places in which caused me to become so engulfed in love with you......It's gonna be a while before I'm once again complacent" -Me

Today I don't feel this way.
This October 7th, 2009, I don't hold this emotion.
In this present moment, I am happy.
Not hurt. I'm okay.

But once upon a time, I felt like this
I was this woman before
Eyes so green I become another, less likeable version of myself
A woman scorned

...By Love (capital necessary)

.......and this song sang a familiar tune to my soul.

*le sigh*

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Before I heal, it's gonna be a while
I know it's gonna be a while, chile


VerbFashion said...

My favorite song by one of my Fantastic Four, job "well" done.

"My mind says move on, my heart lags behind...but I don't love you anymore, yes I do (I think), loving you is wrong" - Badu

I'm sorry. I loveD (past tense necessary) you. It's my fault, my definition was off. I got misconstrued. My eyes are now blind; my pride wouldn't dare lose to you. - Me

"...you can't be what I need you too and I don't know why I f**keD (again necessary) with you" - Badu

Diamond~Star said...

What's up Slim?

It's been a long minute. I had to blow the dust of my blogger page. lol.

Your post is deep. Hope all is well with you!

Ms_Slim said...

Glad you both liked and DS, all is well with me. Now let me head over to your blog :)

chick on a stick said...

I love that I saw this today...when 3 months later I too can say...I finally feel okay...it's amazing that we see things, not when we want them, but at the moment that we need them.

Anonymous said...

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