23 October 2008

Fight the Good Fight

Fight the Good Fight

I'm so excited about this upcoming election I can hardly sit still. I just cannot wait until the White House is painted a nice even shade of lightly toasted brown. Who else is as excited as I am?

There have been people from all across the racial board proclaiming what would happen if (read: when) Obama takes the presidency. People have been saying that we coloreds are going to go monkey bananas, dancing in the streets, and looking like something out of a Maudeville production. Some people have been offended by the remarks because when it's been said, instead of using the term, "people" to describe us, we are characterized by terms such as "niggers" and "monkeys". Racism is so prominent in this election it is outright ridiculous. Can we not rewind ourselves forty years back in time?

And as much as those remarks have angered myself, I had to stop and think:

"Are they wrong though?"

Sure the very unnecessary connotations of "nigger" and "monkeys" can surely be left out. But let's be really real. There will be some mass shuckin', jivin', and rejoicing. And not just from Blacks either, but especially from Blacks. We've waited over 400 years to feel even remotely equal to our White counterparts. So why not rejoice? All I know is….when Obama is called to the Presidency, you can BET that I will be losing my mind. It's a promise. When he's called, my emotions will go something like this:

I'll be at work (like a lame) looking intently at the television. I work for an advertising representative firm that targets African-Americans so I have a strong feeling that while we'll all be at work, no one will really be working. Why? Because that television is what will be keeping us afloat. We'll be holding our breaths for as long as it takes November 5th (the next day that the proclamation will come) and when he is called, we'll exhale a long, deep, and collective sigh of relief of the change we foresee in our future as Black Americans. After that sigh? We probably still won't be working. We'll most likely throw a party right in our office for every other office in the building to come and rejoice with us.

Then I'll cry tears of joy. And act a straight fool in the streets. I won't even be able to contain myself. I can be expected to be "out of body and character" as I won't be my usual self in any way. I'm starting to tingle from extreme excitement right now.....

November 5th should just be made into a National Holiday after this year. I'm serious. Doesn't it fit? I also don't think I'm going to sleep AT ALL November 4th. I'll be too anxious to sleep. Last election, I voted (for Kerry, of course) and stayed up in my dorm with my girls ALL NIGHT LONG watching the delegates roll in and the states' voting close. I think I got about 2 hours of sleep last election.

I was pissed when Bush won.

This year is something serious on all fronts. I've been feeling like I should do more in the whole campaigning efforts. I've donated twice for the General Campaign and once during the Primary. However, I still felt like I didn't "do much", ya know. Sooooo….…….Obama's camp called me one day and asked if I wanted to assist in the door-to-door efforts that his team is having on Saturday in Indiana. I gleefully accepted and I will be volunteering my time on Saturday, going door-to-door urging people to vote for Obama. I'm pretty proud of myself and I feel like I'm actually playing an integral part to the campaign. Money isn't everything and voting only takes a few minutes. I wanted to really be a part. I'm glad that I feel like I've achieved that short-term goal I had.

Here's another video I found amusing:


Diamond~Star said...

I am so glad I am not working in broadcast this year. Especially during an election year. I was working in Augusta at WRDW-TV as a news producer during the elections 8 years ago and you talking about a freakin madhouse. 24/7 round the clock work. I left WRDW in August of 2000. I have not been in the broadcast scene since then, really debating about going back (I am planning on going to grad school this year for broadcast/internet broadcast). I was asked by one of my friends if I had submitting any of my resumes to any local stations yet and I told him NOT THIS YEAR!!! This is the year of elections and I guarentee you nobody (unless you got it like that) in any type of media got that day off. Period.

Since I work now in insurance/customer service, I will have a chance to celebrate "the victory". Our local motorcycle association is having a celebration party which will kick off at 7:30-until. Obama is our winner regardless of what, so we will be out with the potluck dishes, wide screen tv's (can you say the Primary Superbowl?).

It is exciting and I cannot wait to go vote. I think November 5th should be a holiday too. It's going to be an exhausting and exciting day.

Ms_Slim said...

Yea a part of me is mad I'm not off and can't even CALL off. But you know what? No big. I DO plan to party. Quite hard, actually lol. Even if I have to wait til the weekend to get it in, I'm getting it crackin lol.

This will be a week long celebration. Maybe even month long... :-)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i agreee let it all hang out, but dont be too excited, makes me feel like we going from from Tobe to Joe Sixpack