08 October 2008

I'm A Hypocrite

(I wrote this last night immediately following the 2nd Presidential Debate)


Here's the video just in case you missed it…

Obama wins again, no? Glad you agree.

Moving on….(keep in mind that I wrote this last night after the debate was over)…

So I finally got my Voter's Registration in order this afternoon. It being the last day and all, I realized I had to hurry. Last night I actually had a "bad dream" about it being Election Day and after me standing in line for an hour (as in my nightmare, my superhero powers didn't take effect at all. In fact, they didn't even come to fruition not one bit..as expected…since it was a nightmare and all), it was finally time to be a part of history. I was excited. More relieved because I was finally at the top of the long line, but excited nonetheless. Then….I was turned around because my voter's registration was still messed up. I was still registered in Quincy and I was at a polling place in Chicago. There would be no time to get all the way down to Quincy as the town is nearly 5 hours from Chicago and I went home in complete and utter tears. Combined with pure anger too, of course…

{Nightmare over}

When I got to work today, I had a LOT to do in general. A whole lot. However, one of the things that I did was print out the voter's registration form (I called the Adams County Clerk office [city of Quincy] and asked if I could somehow vote absentee. I was informed that I had to switch my registration completely because my hometown is in Chicago, naturally.) I looked at the clock after hanging up and realized that I only had a few short hours to get everything done.

After printing up the papers needed, filling them out, and calling the courier messenger service to get them picked up and sent to the Cook County Clerk's office, I exhaled.

This election season means so much to me. It should mean so much to everyone.

It isn't really about a Black candidate getting so far in the political game and damn near winning (Obama is, in fact, currently kicking ass for anyone unsure of the current tally. Be prepared to repaint the White House a beautiful shade of Golden Brown. Yessir). However, this is so much bigger than that fact alone. This election season resembles everything there is that defines "change". From our economic system to our social hierarchy and even to the core values that we as Americans deem important on any grand scale in regards to what it means to be afforded the promises of the Preamble (Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness). Change is a-coming. I can feel it in everything that is going on with the election and beyond. Everyone sees this and it just fills my heart up with joy.

And as much ranting and raving and researching I've done in regards to the whole election season this year, I am quite disappointed in myself. Why has it taken me so long to get my voter's registration stuff in order? It's really not like I didn't know the rules and where my address was listed for voting. I didn't just find out. I've known all along. On February 5th, when the country had its first Super Tuesday during the Primaries for Illinois, I had a terrible time trying to vote because I wasn't registered in my county and was only granted access because 1. My parents' names were listed in the files they were looking in and I whipped out my driver's license which had a matching address and 2. The lady looking up the name had known me since I was about 13 years old, so she was really just being nice by letting me vote.

Basically, I got a pass from her based on a technicality. All year I've known of my responsibilities to this election. So why did it take a bad dream the last full night of voter's registration to get my stuff in order? Is there something wrong with me? I mean—I'm constantly ranting and raving about voting and even got into a huge argument with a girl that I went to school with this past weekend at my school (it was Alumni Weekend) as she ranted aimlessly and adamantly about how she refuses to vote because 'the system is so flawed'. I even pushed it into my brother's head this year about how important voting is, especially this go 'round. He just turned 18 and I've been walking around like a mad woman hollering "vote!" all over the place. I've even ordered this hella dope shirt which will be worn by me come November 4th.


So what gives? Where's my true motivation?

I can honestly say that other things have been at the pinnacle of my thoughts. Other aspects of life and learning and that other "L" that I won't give credit to for many reasons……ehn…..have been at the top of my mind, making me put my unresolved issue I had with my voter's registration in a "when I get to it" file of sorts. Talk about being a hypocrite, no?

Ok well I sure wouldn't call myself a "hypocrite" (but I should) but I've definitely been slacking something awful. How dare I try to coerce my little brother into voting when I wasn't really able to vote legally myself? I mean I'm registered already but again—my location needed to be set. How dare I get into such a heated debate with a girl who refused to vote when there was a very real possibility of me being turned around at the polling center just moments before I help decide our real future Leader since Bill Clinton?

How flipping dare I? I'm so disappointed in myself. I feel like that cat that's a loyal fan of Lil' Wayne that at the same time believes that R.Kelly's was innocent just so that he can "keep making great music". *sigh*

I need to do a better job. Period.

Obama/Biden '08.

It isn't really that difficult. Really.


Keith said...

Don't beat yourself up about it too much. We all do things like that. We get on people about doing something that we haven't done or won't do. It reminds me of all those celebs that tell people to vote and the celebs aren't even registered. That's just the way life goes. It's just good that you did get a chance to get all your stuff straightened out. I try to make sure I always vote, even if I'm not always thrilled with my choices. So many people fought and died for our right to vote, for us to have freedom, etc., I feel bad not voting. Plus I don't feel like I have a real right to complain if I'm not going to vote. Our system might be flawed, but it's the one we've got. I'm not going to sit up the sidelines while others decide the fate and future of our country. Great blog post.

Ms_Slim said...

You're absolutely right, Mister Keith. One thing that I tried to instill in the girl I was debating with was what we fought for all along. I'd rather vote and at least TRY than to not even have the opportunity to even attempt, ya know? At least I can say that I made an effort. Sitting around idly by and then complaining about the State of America isnt helping anything; it only makes things worse!

Don said...

Obama won this debate, going away. I think he exhibted poise and dignity even during the moments where McCain tried to 'take it there.' I think that speaks volumes about Barack and McCain, he who cannot do anything to win this campaign.

Ms_Slim said...

I definitely agree with you, Sir Don. Obama has this whole election/presidential thing in the bag. The only (though rather huge, yet unavoidable) factor that they can use now is his race...and we all know that going there would be considered 'reaching'...but it's exactly what his opponents are doing now. Obama is ready for whatever they throw at him. Im so confident in him.

Ms_Slim said...

I definitely agree with you, Sir Don. Obama has this whole election/presidential thing in the bag. The only (though rather huge, yet unavoidable) factor that they can use now is his race...and we all know that going there would be considered 'reaching'...but it's exactly what his opponents are doing now. Obama is ready for whatever they throw at him. Im so confident in him.