04 November 2008

Barack the Vote!

Let’s see here—12:42pm. I have 18 minutes before I’m busting out of the workplace and continuing on with my day—Election Day.. Ahh what a beautiful day it is.

I actually told myself yesterday that I was done writing on politics and this whole thing until tomorrow at least. But I can’t pull away from it. Not this go ‘round.

I feel so wholesome this election season. It’s an indescribable feeling that leaves me filled up and whole within every orifice in my being. My soul feels a divine sense of worth and belonging—something I’ll admit that I never truly felt until this election season.

I absolutely love the changes that Obama has made already, without having stepped foot in the White House yet. I love him with a passion—to the core of my being. And why? I love him because he isn’t just a Black man wanting to paint the White House brown and making changes his way, but because he’s smart and brilliant. A man that sees the severity of the change needed and is willing to work towards achieving such tremendous change, not for him, but for the good of Americas as a whole.

Michelle should really feel like the most blessed woman in the world.

Through all of the scandal, the media attention, and lies and stretched statements that starters have tried time and again to make Obama out to be a force to fear, he has pulled through, risen above it all, and remained standing tall. You cant help but grin in his direction or whenever you hear his name. Just his name alone has the ability to leave you (or at least myself) with a filled heart that I can’t ignore.

Today in downtown’s Grant Park, Obama will have a rally that is expecting something like a million people from all over the nation. Right now, some streets are closed and things are bound to get crazy pretty soon, especially tonight. I do not have a ticket to get into the event but I know that I can still make it. I haven’t decided whether I’ll be there or not but one thing’s for sure: I’ll definitely be bookmarking this moment in history. Today, I will be taking pictures of everything. Tomorrow I will too. Call it a Before and After show of sorts. I am expecting things to change somewhat 180—all within a matter of hours.

I can’t wait.

I’m going to wrap this up now. It’s almost time to catch my train outta here. If you haven’t voted yet…………Please go and do so. The time is now for change.


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Diamond~Star said...

Girl I "Barack the vote" this morning!!! I was at the polls at 7:20am and did not leave until 9:20am. A whole two hours. Tired, feet hurt cause I had already been standing up on my second job most of the night then I had to stand in line to vote. It was surely worth the wait and I cannot wait for the results tonight. Hopefully I can take some pics of the election party I am going to and have them up.