11 May 2009

Been Cool Since Grade School

So the homie VerbFashion published hers first and it kinda threw me off how once again she was in my head and did exactly what I was thinking of doing. Too bad I had to wait til after work to get this out of the way and to my blogspot. *shrugs*

Let's talk about The Cool Kids...

I grew up with Antoine (I don't think I'll ever get used to calling him by his stage name, Mikey Rocks, lol) and have known him since he was 11 and I was 13 years old. It's amazing how everyone in our neighborhood, grade school, and high school knew that he'd become someone dope and memorable. And just like that *snaps fingers* he's made it.......just as he said he would.

As Verb said, one of the things that made him a real live cool kid was his very individualistic style. At 14 and 15 years old, he didn't really care to try to cave into the trends set by 'everyone else'. He just did him entirely and it worked. He's cooler than that guy....literally.

I don't know too much about Chuck Inglish other than that his beats on the tracks made are very unique and extremely creative. The old-school hip hop sound and fun (and purposeful) lyrics are what gravitated me most to their music (other than the fact that I am actually friends with Antoine--I mean Mikey Rocks--in real life lol). I enjoyed Totally Flossed Out as well as The Bake Sale--both of which don't disappoint on any track. Each track is actually worth a listen (how rare is that?) Last week, The Cool Kids' lastest mixtape, "Gone Fishing" was released (although, I had the tape for much longer, lol). It's dope and if you're already familiar with the work of this group, you already know what to expect (read: no disappointments at all). However, if you aren't hip to them, I suggest you click the link below and get familiar STAT!

The Cool Kids
Gone Fishing

My favorite songs on the mixtape are: Pennies, Weekend Girls, and Champions. I can not wait until they drop their album When Fish Ride Bicycles either. This album is definitely a showcasing of the duo's creativity and individuality.


VerbFashion said...

Spinned the title nicely lol...

good shouts...tilts hat.

A Genius said...

I've ignored their whole existence because they remind me of the kids I don't like who think they're cool. I've never actually heard a full song from them. I do know that son gets busy with the beats though

For some reason, this made me want to check them...I'll DL it now.