05 May 2009

PSA: KFC Bands Together With Oprah!

Firstly, Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Now onto the blog...

The Popeye's Chicken craze started something new altogether last week. Since then, we've had crazy deals from Church's Chicken and other chicken spots featuring mass chicken for the low low.

As if that isn't enough, the Queen of Media has hopped on the Chicken Bandwagon as well.

That's right! Oprah herself has also given us an offer we can't refuse:

2 pieces of grilled chicken (manager's choice)*
Two individual sides


To obtain the coupon, you must go to:


One of my homegirls sent me a text informing me of this coupon this morning and I instantly downloaded it. It's free and easy. However, there are just a few downfalls with this coupon. These downfalls include:

1. It is literally one coupon per person, meaning, I couldn't print out more than one coupon (the customary Print screen doesnt show up at all and only one is printed)

2. The coupon can NOT be photocopied. I tried to photocopy it once I found out I couldn't print out a bunch of original copies at once and....the printer not only printed out a really really BAD copy of the coupon which literally blurred the barcode needed in the first place, but the high-tech printer I have sent me a little message on its screen that read, "Bill Detected" kinda like what would happen if someone were trying to photocopy actual dollar bills. Oprah's people do NOT play, that's for sure!

And finally (pay attention to this part)...

3. The coupon is ONLY available for the next 24 hours. And since I am an hour late in sending this blog to blogger, it looks like it's only available for the next 23. The coupon started at 9am today and will self-destruct at 9:59pm tomorrow (that's clearly more than 24 hours, but I am just reporting what was texted to me this morning)

Advantage (other than the obvious):

A. This coupon is valid for two weeks, one time use of course, however. It is NOT valid on Mother's Day, though....and for good reason, I gather.

I did not participate in the Popeye's 8 for 5 fiasco last week at all, partly because I knew it would be a drama-fest waiting to happen and I don't dig drama, partly because I was at work ALL DAY and by the time I was near a Popeye's, I was too exhausted anyway and partly because well........food at home is always better than anything Popeyes will ever concoct. With this offer from Oprah, things are a bit more civil because 1. the coupon is valid for 2 weeks versus one day, which will limit the amount of crazies going on their cheap chicken charges and 2. this offer promotes a healthier side to life, really. It's the grilled chicken offer, a new type of chicken to KFC. It's like everyone has realized (at least by now) that chicken is the Black folk's kryptonite. As a culture, we love it. It takes the cake over our swine and our cow any day. It's known and committed to memory by every race, creed, and nationality at this point. Since it's the case that chicken will never ever never ever leave our diet, the food industry is wondering, 'hmm...how can we at least make this a healthy investment?'** I dig. Thanks, KFC & Oprah!

Personally, I prefer baked and grilled over fried anyhow....and I'm broke, so...a free meal always sits well with me.

A coworker and I have printed this coupon out already. Guess what we're having for lunch!

Have a good Tuesday, everyone!


*Slim says, "Manager's choice? HA! We'll see about that! I always get my way, dammit!"
**At least that's what I hope they are wondering, lol


South Loop Social Light said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be printing mine out too!

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

thank you for this love!

Assertive Wit said...

let me know if that grilled chicken tastes like rubber...cause that's what it looks like on the commercial LOL

Ms_Slim said...

You all are welcome!

LOL @ Assertive Wit! It probably IS plastic on the commercials, at least for effect, idk. Probably isnt the real thing. Hopefully it isnt bad though. I havent tried it...yet. :)

Diamond~Star said...

I got that text message today too and I was like yeah right, but I have seen it in email and in blogs. I need a free meal for lunch tomorrow...LOL.

Shannon ♠ said...

You CAN print out more than one! It got four lol. They're all different...so I will be going to four different KFC's so they don't catch me lol

Ms_Slim said...

I didnt know you could print out more than one. Maybe it was my high-tech printer system then because not only could I not print out more than one original, but I couldnt even photocopy it either. I thought Oprah's people were just on their jobs LOL