01 May 2009

Last Night, I Almost Had A...

.........damn heart attack!

If my laptop were in commission, I'd have posted this last night on some Twitter shyt, but alas...you all know of my situation with that. My feet are still relatively planted against the whole Twitter fiasco. I'm just being a rebel right now and NOT GOING!

Between the game going into TRIPLE OVERTIME (and very close to a quadruple OT), P2*'s nosebleed & watery eye, several Celts being fouled out, P2 getting put at the line** every single time the Celtics had possession of the ball, Hinrich missing easy lay-ups, D.Rose missing a dunk, Ray Allen appearing to be virtually unstoppable (which thereby pissed me off as the game continued), and Brad Miller being put to the line as well (I almost had a heart attack with that action ALONE, smh).............at one point, I just couldn't take it anymore!!!

But at the same time, I couldn't pull away either. Last night's Game 6 had me reeling. I was having fits, temper tantrums, and near convulsions watching this game. For me, it was like enjoying unlimited amounts of soul food, knowing that too much of it would result in a heart attack or some other seriousness...but it was so good, I literally could not pull away. Good game. No--great game!


I'm definitely on my 'bandwagon' stuff right now though. The Spurs will always be my top team (post-Mike, of course). I'm usually a Playoff viewer. The regular season tends to bore me more often than not and during the Playoffs, I pick a team and ride with them at that time. Last year, I rooted for the Celts and that was because it was either them or the Lakers. Anyone that knows me knows that iHATE the Lakers. The Lakers could have been going against a team of homeless drug addicts and I would have sided with the Homeless Homies foam fingers and noisemakers in tow. Ugh.

[end sidebar]

But bad coaching a la Vinny del Negro be damned. I am rooting for my Bulls to pull through in Game 7 tomorrow. I just hope I have enough time to sit down and prepare to get my blood pressure escalated.

Best part of the game (for me)

Let's recap:
Dunk on P2.
Foul out P2.
Get sent to the line.
Talk about killing three birds with one stone...
Thanks, Noah. I 'preciate cha! :)

Game 7 tomorrow! I can't wait!!!

*- P2 is Paul Pierce
** - 'at the line' refers to being sent to the free throw line


South Loop Social Light said...

Random - I used to have a crush on Paul Pierce. lol... now he just looks a little old and worn out.

I was on my feet the entire night watching game 6. I don't think The Bulls will win game 7, and if by some stroke of random luck they do, well, I think they'll lose to the next team to come along. This series has been really good. I doubt anything will be able to amount to this!!

VerbFashion said...

Yes, I am ready for this game tonight!