04 May 2010

Return with a Review!!!

*opens door slowly and peeks around corner* Yall there? I wouldnt be too surprised if anyone left. Afterall, I have been flaky on my postings (both here and there) for quite a while. For now though and in this moment, Im here! Yay!

So while I was on hiatus, I received a sudden and extremely unexpected email from Jewelry Art Designs [dot] com asking me to try a complimentary item off of their website and review it on my blog. I remember reading it to myself and thinking, "where did this come from? Is this a joke?!" I figured it HAD to be because well....though I do display a few bits of beauty here and there on my blog (as well as having been featured on a few beauty and nail blogs a few times)along with other stuff like ya know...politics, love, music, and things like that, my blog is typically NOT a fashion one. Not in the least. But then I thought..."Free jewelry annnd I get to blog about it with links and exposure for both the blog and their site as well?" I almost jumped at the chance. I say "almost" because I figured if I accepted their gracious offer (go look at the website to see what I mean; the jewelry is pretty nice), one: there's a chance I'd be doing them a disservice because I knew it would take me a while to post on the jewelry (Life is really kicking up for me, not like that's anything new, but still...) and two....what if I didnt like their products and they were counting on me to shoot up a review? I'm definitely a "tell it like it is" type of person but honestly, how can I post a review if I didnt like their product AND I got it for the free? #ImJustSaying....these are the things I consider when someone asks me their HONEST opinion. I am too honest at times....

I admit that Im a bit overanalytical but I finally decided, 'why not?'....And so I did and......
I was pleasantly surprised! I absolutely LOVE pearls, so from the site, I decided to order the Pearl Drop Dangle Earrings. After placing my order and having them shipped to my company, I was happy to receive my product when promised (within 3-5 days). +5 cool points for being prompt from me!

When I opened the initial shipping box, here's what lay before me:

(a small velvet box that holds my earrings. Really nice!)


(Cute, yes?)

About the Company: The online jewelry store is called, "Jewelry by LuShae" nd is an up and coming jewelry store. They've actually asked a lot of bloggers for their opinions on an item of their choice for them to review. The site hosts a wide range of earrings, necklaces, penants and rings (including promise rings) of multiple facets, types, shapes and sizes from the dangling earrings you see on this blog to more subtle types like studs and hoops of various sizes.

Good For: Mother's Day is in just a few days. Why not make an impromptu order from the site to get her a Purple Brilliance silver penant or some Gold Hoop Earrings coupled with a Modern Mesh Cuff?

The Service: Everything I did with my transaction with this company was interacted via email. I conversed with the "associate" (not really sure if she wants her name exposed on my site), and told her when I'd be ordering, went onto the site and placed my complimentary order and emailed her when said order was placed detailing her what my order entailed just in case she wasnt sure exactly WHICH order was mine. The exchanges were and are always pleasant. And even when I had been "dragging my feet" on a review because of my hiatus, she understood and knew that I wouldnt let her or the company down. Not to mention, my order was very prompt and on-time just as promised! The Service? A-plus!

To Order: Just go to their website, browse, and order. It's that simple. The pricing is affordable and realistic for modern jewelry and you won't be disappointed. Trust me. I am the most critical person I know. Mark my word--you'll be satisfied!

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