10 May 2010

Feelings Schmeelings - May

I saw this post over on one more the blogs I secretly read. And by "secretly", I don't mean "stalking", but rather...I read and go on, rarely comment, if ever. Anyway, I read the blog and thought it was simple enough for me to knock out as a post of my own. So here goes a list of things that for the month of May (so far), I'm "feeling/not feeling". Just a way to sort through the clusterfuck that has become my Life. Enjoy.

-All chocolate everything! I have a serious obsession with chocolate at certain times. This is a constant, but needed to be added.
- The prospects of my immediate future. All circumstances aside, the $ I need will be accessible to me.
-poetry sets and readings. Grab a margarita and sit back and enjoy the show while real poets spit
-a guilty pleasure (we all have them; I just happen to have too many, maybe)
-The weather we're currently having in Chi the past couple of days. We've finally got it right! Let's keep it that way.
-Spring polish. Summer polish. Nail art pens.
-Kisses from and on the lips I adore. Kissing is such a wonderful exercise! Muah!

-My current job. This is not a secret to anyone that knows me. Hate is not (the good enough) word. At all.
-The lingering depression Ive been feeling lately. It's left me uncomfy and insecure at times where I'd otherwise be my normal self. This? Not cool.
-The usual: annoyingly loud females, liars, nosey people....etc
-This current identity crisis. I know who I am and where I wanna be. Just the "right now" portion of the process has left me stuck because I've sort of lost myself in the hustle and bustle of trying to satisfy what society has deemed "most important" (bills and the American Dream that's associated with having a piece of mind, rather than exploring without a care and just centering in on my happiness. Trust that that will change)
-The mouse (who I've named Chuck E) in my house that's made its way DEEP into my psyche. Im currently at the library typing this right now in a desperate attempt to NOT be at home. iCant with rodents. But alas....I'll continue those tales of the rodent tail in another blog. Maybe.

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