19 May 2010

Something In the Water?

I've been sick as a dog since Sunday and I've just returned to work this morning. The symptoms I had ranged from extreme light sensitivity, leaving me unable to drive much less go out the house to nausea to dizziness whenever I stood for longer than 5 seconds. This was weird.

Yesterday, reluctant to call off work another day, I tried getting dressed for work. I showered and began to lotion. Got up to reach for my body spray and....damn near fell over from dizziness because the time I had to stand to grab it and sit back down to finish my routine was apparently too long. What in the Hell was wrong with me?!

Because I hate going to the doctor, I began to self-diagnose and listen to other opinions. Anything to keep me from issuing my health insurance card, waiting in a waiting room for a million hours, getting picked and prodded at, and sent unnecessary "necessary" tests "just to make sure all the boxes are checked" which in turn run my pockets to ground even after insurance pays their part, right? I got opinons ranging from having "vertigo" to being pregnant (this I did not find amusing one bit). I even reasoned with myself on Monday night that I had endured a mental breakdown of some sort. I've been so stressed that this sounded like a probable reason for my sudden illness. Plus, aside from becoming hoarse twice a year and the occasional issues I have with my hypoglycemia, I've never really been sick. Something was wrong with me indeed.

My stubborness began to fade and my guy finally took me to the Urgent Care to get the official diagnosis. After waiting for what seemed like IONS (literally) and being issued a CT scan because my massive headache and other symptoms had gone on continuously for three days, it was founded that I had an extreme migraine coupled with a sinus infection. I've never in my life had a sinus issue but my guy smokes so I gather this is where its root formed. I received my meds and went home. Boy I hate the doc though. That wait was ridiculous.

Later on in the day, my guy got sick. And by sick, I mean "head banging suddenly during the Celts game and curling in my lap in the fetal position in front of his boys" type sick. His sinuses started acting up as well. Plus he had oddly sudden flu symptoms. All of this happened in about 30 minutes time.

And now, while at work, one of my coworkers just called off. His sinuses have him begging for mercy. My manager's kids are both sick with the same issues...and they don't live in the same house at all.

I'm inclined to believe that there's something in the water. Though I understand it's "Spring Season" which is an easy translation for "Sick Season" due to the changing and variant temperatures between winter and summer (especially in Chicago; our weather here is definitely Manic Depressive, no jokes), the fact that everyone is getting sick doesnt shock me as much as it alarms me a bit more than it has in past years and times. I just want to stress the importance of taking simple health measures to ensure your health and prevent sickness that seems to be spreading like wildfire.

1. Wash your hands repeatedly - When I was younger I used to be a little OCD with this practice, always washing my hands repeatedly. I dont even recall why I was this way or even when it began to fade to a normal level, but Im sure this helped to contribute to my being relatively healthy for majority of my life too. Anyway, washing before using the bathroom as well as after helps to prevent germs from spreading both to yourself as well as your own germs spreading onto others. And if youre like me and deal with customers all day, you'll see how this very practice is just as important as any other.

2. Water - Now this is something I have to work on myself but....water really is the best medicine this season. I mean hydration is important and not only does water hydrate you but it replenishes and helps to restore a weakened system infected with things like sinus issues and the like. Ive been drinking bottle after bottle of water lately and I am not used to this. I know I said Ive been healthy my whole life but....water has never been a big thing for me. While in high school I HAD to drink it as I was a member of cross country, track and dance, but as a general rule? Nope. As Ive gotten older though, Ive learned that without it, my system is going.to.crumble. Period.

3. Sleep - I talk about my own issues I've had with sleep, which have, as recently as January of this year, just started to normalize and stablize. Sleep is so important.

4. Raw Fruits and Veggies - Since I hate docs and meds with a PASSION!!!, Ive always gotten into the practice of eating raw fruits and vegetables. And not even just because I hate doctors and medications, but also because they are freaking delicious! Ive never been a huge junk food snacker, but Ive always been a snacker! Ive been conditioned since I was little to eat "healthy food", and not even really realize it. I'd eat carrot and celery sticks, apple slices (with no PB), fruit bowls and veggie trays. Mommy made these ALL the time. And now? I only eat chips, cakes and the like when I am absolutely STARVING with no other options. I tell no tales. This is truth. Raw fruits and veggies are medications for the future which means, this is probably why Ive never been sick as well.

That's all I have time to share though. I just felt I needed to tell this tale of illness and the precautions that are easily missed but deemed necessary. We cant take advantage of this body and though its the Season of Sick, that doesnt mean we have to flow with THAT tide.


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