02 June 2008

Thursday Thoughts: Powerful PDA!

**from the MySpace page...this blog was posted May 29th and occurs every Thursday.

Ok it's almost 10:30am and my ass has been at work since 9:15 and I still haven't really started with my work tasks. I'm most definitely ready for the weekend and the main reason that I'm ready for it is because tomorrow is what? Yep yep, you've guessed it. Tomorrow is PAY DAY!!!!!

I've been so broke this week it has been UNREAL. Unreal because when payday nears Im usually stretching the dollars but I always still manage to have about a third of my check left. This week though? * sighs * This week I have had to dip into the savings AND still manage to have NOTHING by Monday. I have been struggling and I have REFUSED to go to my savings again after last week for this pay period. I have to learn discipline.

I just had to get that off my chest. Being broke this past week has seriously put a hurtin' on Mal.

Today's TT Blog was inspired by non other than the hustle and bustle of my city, Chi City! Let me start by saying this: Strong PDA sucks! That is all.

Well, that's not really all…..

See, I am a girly girl. I'm super feminine, pretty prissy, and extremely dainty. With all of this naturally comes my emotional side, which is tied to my extreme affectionate persona. I'm affectionate as hell when I'm with the potential. That's just how I am and I couldn't see it any other way.

(Nothing wrong with staking a claim....in a good manner)

But by "affectionate", what do I mean? I mean that I have to touch and be sensual. I kiss in public, but never go overboard. I'm very privy to the sensual kisses that are stolen quickly and catch him off guard.

And what do I see on the street, sidewalks, subways, doorways, steps, stairs, and every where? This is what I see:

(This is actually a LOT less graphic than what I've seen but hopefully you catch my drift)

And I just don't get it.

Like I said, I'm all about showing how much you like someone even in the littlest way by handholding, hugging, closeness, love taps, kisses on the cheek and a peck on the lips, but do you have to make your affection for your significant other Rated R for the world to see? The world is set for General Audiences and a small child (or any child for that matter) just doesn't need to see you two (or sometimes three) practically taking each other's clothes off because you just can not wait until you get within your own quarters to let him/her or them see what you are made of on the inside? Blech!

Yesterday on the way home from work, I'm walking down Dearborn and I swear that within the three minutes that I was on that street, I saw five incidents of some pretty damn powerful PDA. I had on my shades and of course there was an immense amount of people around so what did I do? I SMCH'd! I smch'd hard on three couples and gave an UGH to the other two. Those other two were literally about to have sex on the sidewalk. LITERALLY. Someone had to say something. To my surprise, these couples stopped after my small verbal lashing. I felt like I played a small role in not damaging the psyche of a small child that may have been wandering in their direction and seen their horrific displays that were clearly suitable only for closed doors. Get it together, people!

Kiss and peck and even a little neck. But don't go overboard. That shyt is gross. And there are kids around! Do it for the kids!

That is all.

What is your take on PDA? Do it or no? What is your style?

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