05 June 2008

Thursday Thoughts: A Tribute To Granny!

Thursday Thoughts: A Tribute to Granny!!!

How has everyone's week been so far? Hope well. Mine has been pretty um…..up and down? I've recently been feeling incredibly down lately (depressive, even) and I couldn't shake it. Since Tuesday night, however, my slump sort of magically disappeared. Think Obama's win for the Democratic Nomination had anything to do with it? I think so.

So, today's TT blog is simply a tribute. A tribute to my granny, Mrs. Lillie Mae. Today she has made 80 years on this earth. I love her to death and she is literally like a mother to me. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and came to Illinois when I was very small. Before my mother came home, I came to Illinois first and my grandmother took me in for a few months. When my mother came back to Illinois, she'd always say that she could hardly recognize me because my grandparents had fattened me up. My mom and I stayed with my grandparents until I was nearly 2 years old. Ever since then, however, I was always extremely attached to my grandparents and they even called me the "8th child" because they have 7 children of their own but have literally taken a major hand in raising me.

(my granny and I at an aunt's 4th of July BBQ)

As an infant, toddler, small child, and teenager, I was always with my grandparents. And now, after having graduated college, I live with my grandmother. As you can see, we are very close. This is also why I was so attached to my grandfather, my grandmother's late husband, and took his passing so hard. Many people do not really understand that.

I can talk to my granny about anything. Anything. She always seems to understand my side of things, even though when she was my age, she had been married for 5 years and already had two children. And unlike my mom, any male friend of mine that she has met, she doesn't venture off into questions about marriage, children, or even a relationship. She knows of my many plans and that my mind is on those things first. She does, however, ask about my exes and mentally sizes up any one else for me. I love that about her.

She has helped her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and everyone in between through many trials and tribulations—financially and otherwise. She was married to my grandfather for 56 years (I think) and is also very active at her church (and has been trying to get me to join forever, lol) and has been a member there for 57 years! She is also an avid bowler and is currently a member of a bowling league, which she has been a part for the past 7 years. She also volunteers at the local hospital, in which everyone but me was born (this includes both my mom's and dad's sides of the family, including all of my cousins on both sides as well).

my lil brother and granny at my parents' house for his prom a few weeks ago)

She is truly an angel and for me to not commemorate this blog to her birthday would not seem right.

(my camera is also out of battery, so I couldn't even upload the pics I have of her on here; the ones shown are already on facebook lol)

This morning, I made her breakfast. She makes me breakfast every morning because my hypoglycemia scares her and I never have time to make my own. I intended for it to be a surprise, but of course, like always, she just happened to wake up right before I did. Looking in the fridge for food to begin cooking, she walks in sleepily, "whatcha looking for, Mal?"

"Trying to decide what to make, Granny," I reply, also sleepily.

"Make for what? You not going to work today?"

"Oh, Grandma. I was trying to make breakfast for your birthday, missy, but……" I trailed off

"Oh, ok. I'll go back to sleep then and act surprised when you come wake me up when it's ready," she responded quickly as she hurried back to her bedroom.

I laughed to myself. Granny is a trip. I love her to death though.

So I made eggs, pancakes, grits, smoked sausage, and capped the meal off with toast and some tropical juice I found in the fridge. When I woke her up, sure enough, she goes, "breakfast? For meeee? Oh thank you, Mal!" most appreciatively and genuinely surprised.

I would have taken a picture but a. I need a picture card for my camera and b. granny would never allow me to take her pic without her at least having on some lipstick and a dab of blush. She's very beautiful and doesn't look a day over 60 years old but you can't tell her that; she'll never listen.

Saturday is the biggest party of the summer in our family. It is her birthday celebration and over 200 guests expect to arrive. I can't wait til it's over to show you guys some pics from it!

And even though this blog is for my granny because she is the best granny ever and today is her birthday, I want to turn the tables to you guys. Who do you want to pay tribute to? What role did they play in your life?

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