04 June 2009

A Day in the Life...Good Samaritan/Bad Samaritan

I send Pillow* a text. It reads: "Guess who didn't know it'd rain today so she subsequently got "stuck in the rain" downtown AND fell in the rain on BOTH knees in one of her good suits?"

Rushing to work is the worst when you've gotta take two trains and walk a collective 4 blocks to get there on time. Add a downpour to that sans an umbrella and you've got yourself an even more pressing ordeal. Thank goodness for Good Samaritans.

The other day was something else. Coming out of the train station which took me from my suburb and into the heart of downtown, I really did not expect to see rain. I mean...there was no rain en route. (Or maybe I just wasnt really paying too much attention :shrugs:). As I creep out of the terminal and throw on my hooded springcoat to face the outside world which looked bleek, black, and bland, I'm interrupted by a, "let me know when you're ready". I look at the woman who is apparently talking to me.

"Oh go ahead," I respond. I think I am in her way of passing so she could exit the terminal.

"Oh I'll just wait. I've got an umbrella and I notice you don't. You going this way?" she motions straight ahead.

I pause for a half second to very quickly survey her. It is not advised to talk to random strangers, much less accept any offers of good will they may bestow. But it was raining, she offered her umbrella, and I hate getting my hair wet. I weighed out the pros and cons within that .5 second and oblige. She seemed harmless.

And my hair stayed dry all the way until..........BAM!

I fell. On BOTH knees. In one of my good suits, no less.

Now I'm 5'9", so my depth perception is typically "lower" than most people. All of a sudden, I'm on the ground, looking up and I have no clue how I got there. Now embarrassed (because I'm just too tall to be falling at random), I get up quickly and try to walk it off as if it didn't happen. Good Samaritan asks if I'm okay, while I laugh and say, "this isn't my day. I don't fall. Ever" and keep walking, still trying to ignore what just happened. Shortly after, we part ways and I thank her for being so nice.

I was on the way to an important meeting on the North side. I was incredibly early because I had no clue how long it'd take me to get from Point A to B and then finally to C (C being my final destination). Getting off of the El train I took once departing from Point B and the Good Samaritan, I spot a cab that could take me to my meeting.

I'm excited. It's raining out and even though I'm about 2 blocks away, this is two CITY blocks...which means the blocks are much longer....and must I remind you that it's RAINING! In my mind, me + walking in a downpour = no bueno.

Me: *shouting because it's raining* Good morning! I'm going to [gives address].

Bad Samaritan: *also shouting through the downpour* Okay. That's just about 2 blocks up that way *he points in the direction*

Me: Okay. It's raining. And I've got a meeting. Can you take me?

Bad Samaritan: No.

Me: *super shocked I got denied a ride by a cabdriver* Really?! Like--for real?

Bad Samaritan: Have a good day *speeds off*

Me: *now to myself like a crazy person* I mean did he just deny me a ride? Really?! It's raining!

I should have gotten his cab number. I wasnt even thinking about it at the time because that kind of stuff just has never happened to me before. I could see if it was a beautiful day outside...but it was POURING. Needless to say, I ended up walking the 2 blocks up the road and getting to my meeting extremely soaked. Thanks, Bad Samaritan. Thanks.

Lucky for me though, I got to the meeting painfully early so by the time it had started, I didn't look so terrible. (It was pure talent with the comb on my part however, because my hair was done for when I got to my destination!)



VerbFashion said...

Apparently cabdrivers are just brutal in Chicago.

just out of curiosity, how tall was the Good Samaritan? I hate sharing umbrellas with tall mugs (i.e. yourself)...lol

Ms_Slim said...

You are such a Height Hater it's ridiculous lol

Anyway, the GS was like 5'3-5'4" so yes, I had to duck down a bit and she had to kinda hold her umbrella up a lil high.

That's probably how I fell. smh.

Kisura Usiku said...

Awwwww....sorry that you fell, but if you were not hurt and fell in front of me...Im LMAO...can't help it!!!!
LOL @ height hater...you are a hot mess!!!

Kisura Usiku said...

OH, I forgot to ask you if thats you singing NEXT LIFETIME acap? If so...sounds good....

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