30 June 2009

Death of a Legend: The Nail Art

(this is an ongoing post and so far this is the 2nd part. The first part can be found here and is called, "Death of a Legend: The Reaction")

Remember the "glove"? Well of course you do. What started out as a ploy to cover up the beginning stages of virtiligo disease, very quickly became a trend in the fashion world. And no one but Mike could pull it off so fashionably.

I never had a glove though. Or a red leather jacket like his.

So instead, I did my nails (mani and pedi) in honor of the King.
Here are my nails (hand):


Ehn...I'm not too confident about the pedi pics. The pedi is dope...but the pics didn't come out right for some reason. Either way.....they are reminiscent to that of his jacket. The jacket from "Beat It" and "Thriller":

Next blog: "Death of a Legend: Respect the Legacy" will be up either today or within the next few days.


Franklin said...


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Anonymous said...

Michael always wear shinning and beautiful outfits.I loved these. By the way my grandpa used to buy weird and colorful outfits, and now he just Order Viagra every day.

Alan said...

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