16 December 2008

Bitter Sweet Law

This week is clearly an Art Appreciation Week for me.

I saw this a super long time ago and I was actually pleasantly surprised. Though I find Kanye to be a very talented artist, I wouldn't say that he's the best lyricist or rapper (even though I really do love Ye from the top of his head to the end of his pinky toe). He's an artist, an entertainer, a rapper. And even though rapping can arguably be considered poetry, I really didn't see Mister West as a poet. It wasn't until I saw this clip that I entertained the idea, "hmmm….maybe Ye can do this whole poetry thing…."

Enjoy, folks.

Kanye West – Bitter Sweet

In the same evening of YouTubing, I saw this clip of Common's work. I LOVE this piece. I mean as much as I love Common's stuff musically, I strongly believe that even if he wasn't a rapper, had a name of himself an all of that, even if he was just a regla' Joe Schmo getting up to the mic on Def Poetry Jam spitting this SAME piece, I'd still swoon and say, "Move over, Serena. That's my hubby right there!!!"

I think part of the reason I love Common so much (besides his physique which is complimented by the most beautiful almond eyes, and…..) is because he is truly a genius in my eyes. He is super intelligent. I am in love with intelligence. His use of metaphors in his work is just pure genius. He is still pretty slept on in my eyes, but I guess it's true what they say, "ain't nobody interested in learning, but the teacher" –Sister Act 2, lol

Take a listen.

Common - Letter To The Law

I love my Chi-Brethen. *swoons*


oNe mAn gAng said...

You wouldn't say shit past the word 'Move'...Serena would beat the brakes off of you with her guerrilla warfare-ready arms... GAME OVER.

Ms_Slim said...

LOL @ guerilla warfare.

You're right though. Maybe I'll send her a letter, telling her of our undying love and how she needed to politely pardon herself, no? :)

Eb the Celeb said...

love the common one