08 December 2008

From the Inside Out

How was everyone’s weekend? As you may have guessed, my Friday started out pretty “blah” and despite going out with some homies that night, Saturday wasn’t all that great either. I was down for the most part and on top of everything else, I had the biggest headache known to man that literally lasted well into yesterday afternoon. Woa is me. But all in all, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give my weekend a 7. Why? Because I got a chance to get caught up on some much needed sleep.

I can’t even begin to describe how badly my sleep patterns have gotten over the past month. As I stated in an earlier blog, I have always had trouble sleeping, whether it’s getting to sleep or staying asleep throughout the night—for as long as I can remember. But sometimes the severity is worse than other times. This weekend though, I got over 20 hours of sleep between Friday and Sunday nights. I’m pretty pleased.

Because I was in so much pain on Friday, another portion of my weekend was spent doing a lot of thinking. When something that is extremely important to me begins to not work in my favor and I’m “in my emotions”, I begin to overanalyze everything worse than I normally would. I start looking deeper within myself and exposing my own truths in order to find a balance of sorts.

I am still working on me. Personally, I don’t think the job will ever be done though. I’ll always be Under Construction….

Happy Monday, All,



A Genius said...

Refreshing honesty.

DLG said...

I love that you're really starting to open up.

Assertive Wit said...

why'd you remove the middle of the blog? your comments don't apply now...you shoulda left it up there. That's how you really felt when you wrote it.