29 December 2008

Bumping in my Speakers...

I realize I've been MIA for a week, and there's a reason for it. I don't feel like getting into it in this blog. Just know that I've been dealing with a lot of harsh things lately. I'll blog on it soon.

I intended to post this blog last week sometime. Here it is:

Bumping In My Speakers…

.. -Common – Announcement

(Digging the choreography; I'm gonna learn this just cause lol)

Okay, whoever says that Common's latest album (UMC "Universal Mind Control") sucks sucks. Period. His album, though it isn't as good as his earlier works like "Like Water For Chocolate" or even "Finding Forever", it is a good album. In Announcement, when he says, "from the Southside….." I screamed and turned my radio waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up when I heard it in my car a few days ago, like on some strong south side (south 'burbs included, lol) pride shyt. This song wasn't merely bumping in my speakers. It was BLASTING. I laughed when he said, "cause when it comes to Hip Hop, it's just me and my bytch" LOL He referenced "I Used to Love H.E.R". My favorite line is, "I'll probably go to jail, but naw, that ain't me./I style cra-zy/And rock like Jay-Z". lol

His only downfall? He's only got ten tracks on this album. Just like I was disappointed with Erykah Badu for only having ten tracks on her latest album not, including the bonus track, even though it took me a while to get into her latest work, Common should have given us at least three more tracks.

.. -Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle

Click Here to see the Vid; The Coding is Blocked

This was Christina's very first single. It came up on my ipod one day last week and I loved it all over again. I have always loved Christina's voice. She's so full of soul, passion, and a "blackness" very few um…non-Black artists have. Amy Winehouse has it as does Pink…but I think that the old Christina Aguilera takes the cake on both of them. Dirty was also a song that I loved of hers as well and in high school, my varsity dance team used a portion of Dirty for our competition dance……which was super dope, by the way.

.. - Common – Inhale

(I want a jacket like this!!!)

Man, seriously. UMC goes hard…again, not as hard as the previous works, but hard nonetheless. He's Common, for crying out loud!!! We shouldn't expect anything but greatness from my man :) . Inhale is a song that completely blows me away. From the beat to the lyrics to the entire vibe of the song….it's perfect. Absolutely perfect.

.. - Brandy – Departed

Click Here; The Video Coding is Blocked :(

Her album dropped the same day as Common's but I haven't gotten her album yet. However, I do love this song. I've always loved Brandy….all the way from the "I Wanna Be Down" and "Best Friend" days. Through the surge of "new talent" such as Rihanna, Janelle Monae, and even Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy has continued to hold her own in the music industry. Just when we may think that the old days of Brandy dropping albums (as spread out as they may be) were gone, she refuses to fizzle and be a part of "the past". I love that about her. This song goes hard as well.

Ledisi – Best Friend

I love this song. I love the soul in her voice. I love the melody. I love the lyrics. I love the entire feel of the song. Can anyone relate to it?

*I didnt find a video for it; BOOOO!!!*

Eminem – Lose Yourself

When I first did this blog, I had seen 8 Mile on TNT the weekend before about 3 times and that song got in my head. Heavily. It's also pretty darn inspirational as far as songs go. And even though he is controversial as all get out lyric-wise, I miss him in the game. He had/has a rawness to his sound that I really like. And besides, if it weren't for him, who would have thought up the word, "Stan" to describe a ridiculously brainwashed and over-hyper fan? Thanks, Em…now get back to the studio!

What's Bumping in Your Speakers?


NaturallyAlise said...

Currently, I too, am bumping Ledisi, I received that CD this year for my birthday while in the hospital, and this album touched me, "Alright" really saved me from entering into a depression, "Best Friend" let me know that the rebound guys had to go and I needed to cling to the one who was becoming my best friend and more, so I still play that CD all of the time.

I also have been listening to everything Eric Roberson, I can't believe that I slept on him for so long, so now I am playing catch-up, I seldom listen to an artist that i like every.single.song.

And you must listen to that Eric Benet, I wasn't even a big fan but I am in love with it, sho nuff!

A Genius said...

I suck, pause. That UMC shit is trashbags. I gave it an honest one too. If he's not saving the world he's extremely corny. I mean even the shit that people quote is type wack. But your love for Common beyond his music voids your opinion lol...

And yea...Em is one of the best ever. Period. He can just rap his ass off.

And...hold your head, Mal. I know all about that. Shit crazy.

Ms_Slim said...

Alise: Ledisi is super dope, imo. She's also pretty slept on in my eyes as well. Maybe it's the genre she's in...I'm sure that's it. Either way, she's cold blooded. I love that song as well as In the Morning :)

I admit that I've been slippin on my Erro. I've only heard about a handful of stuff from him. I need to change that soon.

Eric Benet, ahhh...another person I've always loved, sex addiction and all lol. He's pretty slept on too, but he's dope as well

Teef: You know what? You're right. He's either saving the world or he's corny, true...but he's also gorgeous so he gets a pass lol. Now if he was a mud dog, he'd get no play for the corniness, but he isnt so I'm letting him slide.

Seriously though....Inhale is my fav song on that album. I like the joint with Cee-Lo too (has a very Gnarles Barkley-ish beat, no?)

I've always thougth Em was dope. I hate it that he hasnt been out in recent years. I want him to get it together...

I thought of you last week sometime. I know you are all too familiar. I just hope I dont reach a point of getting too accustomed....Thank you! ((hugs))

Diamond~Star said...

I love "Genie In A Bottle". It's one of the best songs Christina has made. I love her soulful voice too.

I haven't been listening to too much in particular because I have been too busy putting in job applications...however my volume is all the way up when I hear Jamie Fox/Ne-yo's "She's Got Her Own".

Ms_Slim said...

That song is cool. I love Jamie. Ne-Yo is...meh...but the song is good solely because of J.Foxx in my opinion :)

Kofi Bofah said...

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Elliott Broidy said...

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