22 December 2008

Christmas Schristmas


Christmas is but three days away and I can’t for the life of me get in the spirit of things. Still. It’s not that I don’t want to be joyous for this occasion (who doesn’t want to be happy? Lol), it’s just that I’m not in all that good a mood for it, I guess. It could be because as far as gift-giving goes, I’m not participating…at least til after Christmas. Why? Well because we’re in a recession…and I’m one of the kajillion folks that have been hit hardest….sorta. Point blank, I’ve just got higher priorities on my plate than buying gifts for the sake of tradition this year. I’ll be different and take care of it after Christmas though. New Years Gifts is what I’m on this year…

Another reason I’m not in the spirit of the holidays this season is because I am anxiously waiting for ’09 to get here. This year has kicked me all over the darn place, in every which way. I’m really ready to bring about my own personal major changes in ’09. I’m super focused. I’m so focused on the arrival of ’09 that I can’t put my mind in a place to think of right now. The number 9 is also a number that represents the most power and “Change”. It’s an astrological fact and in ’09, other than Obama being the first Black president being sworn in and all of the anticipated changes that come with that, I’ve also got several changes of my own to uncover. I’m pretty excited about it all.

Back to Christmas ‘08…

I asked everyone to not get me anything for Christmas and I told everyone way back in September that I wasn’t going to Christmas shop this year. I really don’t expect anything (but I’m sure I’ll get something anyway. Folk don’t like to follow directions lol) and I really don’t want to feel bad about receiving while I most certainly wont be giving this year (because I really am unable to).

However, this is a “If I Were Playing Christmas This Year” Christmas List. (I’d most likely be getting these things myself, but it’s good to have dreams, isn’t it?)

1. I've seriously got the most black coats of anyone I know. What can I say though? I love this coat! I want a brown one just like this one as well. The first (official) day of Winter was yesterday....so does this make me late in my Winter shopping? Technically, yes....as snow has been here (and it's been coooold in the D [only like one person will get that]) for about a month now, but whatever. Winter is THEE longest season out here. I'm not late :)


Forget what you heard. These boots go hella hard. They may be 3 (or 4) inches high and I
may be 6-feet-1-inch tall, but that matters not. I'm always wearing heels anyway, so it's nothing. These NEED to be in my closet. Soon....before winter's end lol


Yes, yes, y'all. A bedroom set. I'd really like a King size but I'll settle for a Queen. In due time, in due time. *sighs happily*


Over the weekend, I noticed that one of my homies has this exact wine/alcohol rack in his house. I feel in love with the rack. Not because it had THEE best drinks in all of the land, but because of the craftsmanship of the rack. Imagine my joy when I found the exact one online! It's not cheap by any means. I WILL have this rack. Bet your bottom dollar!


Oh this pic is absolutely horrible. But the boots? Oh the boots! If you can't see it too clearly, the boots are all dark brown with light brown sides and about a three inch heel. Yea.....these will find their way to my home real soon. Real soon...

I’m really not one at all that needs anything. (I am terribly spoiled lol but as far as needing anything…negative). I just like stuff.


Diamond~Star said...

Hey Slim! I am back for a quick minute.

I would rock the boots too if I was into them like that. They are nice. I don't wear too many heels cause I am already 5'9..lol.

Everybody is getting New Year's gifts from me too. I am all the time trying to hit up the clearance racks cause I got to save all that I can. I am looking forward to 09. Unfortunately I am not going to be able to make the inauguration because of the dayum recession and the fact that I was laid off from the Hartford so I have been on the grind trying to find another full time job before the the paychecks from the Hartford run out (we are getting paid through February). Until then I am still working part time at Kmart (ugghh @ all the happy shoppers!!!).

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

happy nappy holidays folk

Kofi Bofah said...

Don't be a Scrooge.

I hope your 2009 is all that you hope for, though.