17 December 2008

Love Song 1

Okay. Below is the poem I promised. NOTE: I so rarely show my poems to the masses it's ridiculous. Anyway, I wrote this about a year and a half ago. The inspiration revolving this is pretty obvious...but the story is too long to share. Enjoy.

Love Song 1

Risqué romance

Picture perfect places

Rambunctious ramblings

Flawless faces

Awesome accidents

Totally tricked

Amazing atrocity

Bubbling beauty

Hidden hindrances

Silence spoken

Helping hands

Long-distance loving

Ferocious flame

Cautious creeping

Fictitious frame

Raging red

Sidestep songs

Factual feelings

Softening sonnets

Passionate passion

Bouncing beats

Rhythmic rhymes

Breath-taking breaths

Instrumental interlude

Interconnected. Intertwined.

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