07 January 2009

A Libra...with the Mind of a Virgo

I saw a blog like this from Skinny and it made me think about my zodiac…..which also happens to be the same sign as hers lol…This blog, however, will be a bit different from hers.

I am a Libra (with the mind of a Virgo). My birthday is at the very beginning of the Libra sign and because of that, I have found that I have a lot more traits that mimic those of the Virgo than I do my own sign.

As a Libra, I am incredibly indecisive most of the time. Shopping, dressing, and all things decision making are oftentimes very difficult for me. My ex called me the most indecisive person he knew…and he was right. Even when we broke up and tried to repair for nearly two years after, I couldn’t commit to him. Not because I’m a commitment phobe (which I’m not, but I’ll get into the relationship aspect in a sec), but because I couldn’t decide on whether I should go with my heart or mind. In the end, I went with my mind and it all worked out…for me.

I have an incredibly strong intuition. I’ve told a few people this and it is true. I sense a lot of things and I’m usually right………but I never want to be. The things I sense are usually bad things or things I’m afraid of, so when I find that my intuition is on point yet again, I sigh and possibly tear up. Sometimes I hate my intuition…but the flip side of that is being left in the dark and being naïve…so I guess I should be happy about my strong sense.

The symbol for the Libra is the balance scales. Now because that is the sign, just as Skinny said, there’s this “mistaken identity” factor that occurs where some non-Libras tend to assume that Libras are all supposed to be level-headed and well…..balanced (That was a double entendre).


I consider myself to be relatively level-headed……………for the most part. Granted there are times where my level headedness becomes unlevel and my rational is over-ridden by my emotional. It happens.

Personally, I think that the Balance Scales are a symbol for us Libras to attain—like a goal of some sort, rather than a defining characteristic.

Digging into my personality a bit, I can definitely say that I am a person of extremes. I can be very “all or nothing” in most situations and I have a very difficult time finding a balance in a lot of close to home situations I’ve been placed under.

*In life, I am a perfectionist. If something isn’t right to my liking, I feel as though I’ve failed myself. In school, I always automatically pushed myself past my limit in every way. I always have had a plan for my life with goals and steps and marks for me to reach. The only thing that I figured separated me from everyone else in this sense was the strength of said goal that I planned for myself at the time. I’ve always had ridiculously high goals. Still using school as an example, it wasn’t enough for me to get an A in a certain class, but I also had to go above and beyond in everything I did revolving that. Even if a course was an “easy A”, I still had to put forth the “effort times ten” in order to feel as though I did well. I graduated from undergraduate school a semester ahead of schedule and while for some that is a challenge considering there was summer school every summer involved as well as “doubling up” on my credit hours during the regular school semesters at times, it was normal to me. In fact, I never initially planned to graduate early at all. I had always taken a lot of courses and chose to take at least one class per summer just so that I didn’t have a huge adjustment period when the summer ended for a new school year.

I’m an extremist.

*In relationships, I’m either very committed or I’m not committed at all. I’m either feeling a person a whole lot or not. I’m either loving him…or I don’t (and if the emotions are deep enough, I just may hate him). I’m an emotional person but most times I block out my emotions for a “greater good” and let my logic override my emotions completely. Since I am soooo “all or nothing”, a lot of times I’ve discovered that I have a difficult time crossing over to an emotional side when I need to and vice versa. For that reason, I’ve definitely noticed a heartless frame of mind within myself when perhaps….I should have been much more emotional, rather than logical. It’s just hard for me though a lot of times. It’s hard to switch between the two extremes easily and it’s even harder to find a balance within the two as well. Unbalanced, much? Me thinks so too.

Though I have such extreme characteristics about myself, I’ve always been one to see things through. I definitely think that I am more logical than I am emotional (though there are a few people that would dispute that because they’ve seen so many emotional sides to me—a side I don’t really show to too many people at all) and because of that, I believe my rational is more poignant than anything.

At the same time, however, I also hold strong traits of that of a Virgo. My birthday is a very close to the end of the Virgo zodiac sign, which is characterized by stubborn and also very affectionate individuals. Digging into my personality again, I can honestly say that I can also be very stubborn & hard-headed as Hell, lol. With the one that matters, I am super affectionate. I can also be argumentative…especially when I’m dead set on proving a point, while other times I can retreat back into my Libran nature and drop an issue altogether, opting to ignore a situation and all for the sake of becoming too emotionally involved. I tend to ignore more often than not, though.

I’m also very idealistic and try to paint the image of things I want in life, rather than “going with the flow”. I’m also very observant and can be shy when in an unfamiliar group. I’m also very picky about everything I do—from foods I eat and cook to how I wear my hair to how I dress and especially to who I date and become involved with. I like to think that I have very good taste in everything as well and I care a lot about my looks.

I don’t have a very strong selfish nature but at the same time…I do. This is another matter of the heart/mind though. In my heart, I want to help others. I love being there for people and helping people solve their problems and giving advice about major decisions. At the same time, in my mind, it’s all about me.

I’m very particular about everything. I’m pretty hard to please. I'm also a lover of the arts. (See the images to your right). I love and appreciate ALL art forms.

I am extremely overanalytical almost definitely to a fault! I have a tendency to shut my brain down completely to concentrate on one issue and not focus on anything else whole-heartedly until said issue is rectified in some way. It can definitely be a mess.

I am a Libra….(with a touch of Virgo).

What is your sign? What does your sign mean and what does it say about you?

I did a little research after I wrote the blog and made changes where it fit for me. Check out this site and share what your sign says about you. Do you fit that mold? Also, if your birthday falls on the borderline of your neighbor zodiac (like mine does), check out that sign as well and see if you fit in that one as well...

*- I found these points to be that of a Virgo after I wrote this blog.


Do Good said...

I think a lot of the traits end up being applicable no matter what sign you happen to be. For example, I think most people want to do good and help others. If they don't, it's not that they don't want to do good, it's just they forget with their busy lives.

People also don't realise how easy it is to help someone else out and make the world better a lot of the time. Or that it doesn't have to take a lot of time or effort to do good. Sometimes all it takes is a smile, encouragement or a hug.

Kofi Bofah said...

Real talk - I don't know much about the Zodiac.

I am a Taurus - so I guess that I am supposed to be stubborn or something.