22 January 2009

The Mass Agree Part 3

…is finally here!

But first, a little background:

Way back in the day (read: two months ago) when President Obama was officially elected, I wrote two blogs: The Mass Agree Part 1 and The Mass Agree, Part 2. These blogs were basically reaction blogs to what had transpired on Tuesday, November 4th. All of the emotions, the feelings, the traffic—all of it. I had also started a poem a few days before he was actually elected…but never finished it…until now.

It has never taken me so long to finish a poem. Ever. I started it on November 2nd and up until last night, I had only written a line or two at a time, changed some stanzas, did some deleting, critiqued what I had at the time, changed the entire feel of the piece, and just procrastinated pretty hard. I think I just wanted it to be really, really good. I wanted to put my all into it, however one thing I learned from that attempt was…..my best pieces are created when I’m right in the moment at one time…not when I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to perfect it.

Before I present it though, I must give a “shout out” to my homie, Ronnie. For two months, he’s been encouraging me to “kick it in high gear” and get it done. He’s even helped me with the organization of the piece. And when I was particularly not feeling like touching the poem at all and started writing other pieces, he’d remind me, “Yo, Mal….you know you gotta get that Obama piece done…right?” Point blank: he kept me on my toes and made sure I got it done.

You may not even think it’s all that great…and that’s fine. But I’ve been “working on it” for months (literally) and I’m proud of it. I so rarely show my pieces but I think this deserves a showing.

So…without further adieu, here is….The Mass Agree, Part Three. Enjoy:

The Mass Agree, Part Three

Dreams are considered imaginary figments

That mold and develop within the minds of every pigment

While some aren’t meant to be, others stick together like dried cement

But it isn’t the dream itself that holds, it’s the dreamer beneath it

In the segregated years

Shadowing deep angst and mass fears

Blanketed all by lines defined by color that refused to be smeared

So sat in the place of good were a bucket load of tears

MLK marched and had a Dream that color lines were as vague as they are today

And no doubt, he was an integral part in paving the way

There’s still a battle to be fought, but not taking his effort for naught

Without his dreams and sacrifice, the country may be in a deeper state of dismay

Through the emotional rain, there lay a dream big as can be

A dream systematically greater than “the best”--the average Joe & Jane--you and me

Let’s see. How’s a thing so great to be?

The struggle for a remoteness in social equality

The road to change has been paved for ages

And through the years, the tough times, the sacrifices, the many stages

Many said we’d stay lost--say we’d never make it

And were told to chalk our efforts up to trial and error within the black historic pages

Until one man fought against the grain and broke through seemingly unrealistic barriers

And as he continued to look ahead, onlookers became scarier

In fear of the progression that resulted and the trust that was awarded

But as the end drew near, the anticipation became merrier

Gone were the blatant lines drawn, uplifting segregation to the highest level

Temporarily null were the snickers and the stares given that kept blacks in between poverty and unrelenting success—an invisible vestibule

What seemed to vanish were the color lines—the “Black”, the “White”, the “Asian”, the “Hispanic”, and…the ”Other”

No boxes to check; we are one group, one nation standing together

…even if it was just for a moment

This is…a moment of reflection

To relish in the much needed change of the country’s direction

To note our collective struggles, no matter the skin’s complexion

To realize the battle isn’t over and part of the strength is finally awarded…that’s the connection

Some feared change and wanted to relish in the methods of the past and present

Others knew the time had come but in their minds, they were still quite hesitant

In the end, the mass agree with what was truly Heaven Sent

The dream that came true—the coming of our 44th President



asia kismet said...

yay! beautiful...
i still feel a little euphoric.

VerbFashion said...

I must say I'm still letting all this settle in (new presidency and everyone's views...by everyone I mean different shades of brown people's views).

I do dig this piece. I can see how it could have taken a while. So much history to grasp.

I agree with asia..simply put "beautiful"

Morgan said...

I think it's a fantastic poem.

isn't it great that in this day and age you can present it through a medium that accesses tons of people for free?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

this aint the Mountain Top or Promised Land - Not yet

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

the sonnet reminded of how great itwas to be a part of history, and of MLK, and how obama, well really we - have a lot of work to do - meaning it made me reflect and think - i liked it - it wasnt sugar coated

Kofi Bofah said...


Like you said - sometimes you just have to get right to it and live in the moment...