20 January 2009

Today Is An Awesome Day, Part 3

I’m watching the parade now (I promise you no one is working in the office. It’s officially Obama Day!) and Obama done got out the limo and started a-waving—showing his face and all that. Is it wrong of me to be deathly afraid at this point? I really want him to get back in the car!

Okay I’m done…

If you’ve missed them:

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Obama Lover,



asia kismet said...

[came by to see if that poem was finished]
and yeah let's not speak or think that um...you know...will happen...i really really want OBAMA to go two full terms.

Ms_Slim said...

You're right. I'm trying to only think happy thoughts....but I can't help but get so scared whenever he's on television. My heart beats all fast, thinking he's dodging a bullet. Sigh...

Girl that poem will be done this week. I couldnt for the life of me get it together by Inauguration, smh.....super blocked. Watch out for it though; it'll be up soon :)