30 January 2009

When Six Aint Enough...

I can't go.

For some reason, this is bothering my soul.


This makes not a lick of sense. Why? Well while I'm all for fertility treatments if a person is unable to have children naturally, some things just shouldnt happen. Period. I understand there's an interview process that goes into deciding whether a (potential) mother is deemed "worthy" of said treatment. Here's why she should have definitely been denied:

1. This ignant lady already has six small children, ages 2 years old to 7 years old. She shouldn't have been granted access to the "fertility goods".

2. She is a single mother. A single mother with six kids. Living at home with her parents. That's violation numero dos.

3. When asked if all of the embryos planted would "take", would she want to get rid of said embryos as to lower the amount of births, she declines. (Keep in mind of the aformentioned housing situation, relationship status, AND....she already got SIX kids....in two-thousand and damn NINE!)


We're in a recession. In this day and age, three small children is an "overshare". These little kids are all miracles, no doubt. I just want--really want--people to be smart about the choices they make---when they are indeed given a choice......as this lady clearly had.

Another issue I have with this is....when it comes to adopting children, there's always this long and drawn out process for "who's fit", "who's able", and etc. The same goes for the fertility doctors as well. They interview, screen, and question relentlessly. They ask the parents personal questions like : income, housing situations, types of jobs held, hobbies--all that! Nothing in my head is making sense as to why this procedure was given the "nod" to be done. Nothing. It makes no sense.

We're in the office talking about it now and one of my coworkers just says, "she most likely wants help for her kids" and that made sense to me. In these cases, these families are broadcasted on talk shows, etc and are always given a "lifetime supply of pampers" and what not. So to that regard, as selfish and ridiculous as it sounds, I can understand the motive...but even still.

I can't go. Ugh. I dont even know why it's bothering me so much this morning. Maybe because it's sooooooooo ridiculous and reeks of the lack of common sense used with ALL parties involved. Either way, I'm glad the little ones made it here safely and all that. Now I just pray that they are properly raised............

Bumpin In My Speakers will be soon,


PS; Here's another link posted in the comments by Assertive Wit (Thanks, Syn). Check it out. It gets more ridiculous. *sigh*


Assertive Wit said...

you sure she's a single woman?

the story to the link you referenced said:

"Suleman said she was concerned about her daughter's homecoming because her husband, a contract worker, is due to return to Iraq."

kind of sounded like she was/is married...

I think it makes very little sense to you because all you see is what has been offered by the news. Now I personally wouldn't have 14 kids, but then again I wouldn't have had 6. Not saying I would have aborted any children, because FOR ME, I don't believe in abortion.

Usually when women are on fertility drugs it has to do with not being able to conceive and they help. Problem with those drugs is that one of the side effects is that it can cause you to have multiple births EVERY TIME you get pregnant. So, my first question to understanding this woman's situation (before I formed a biased opinion, like your blog is doing) is, how long had she been on those drugs?

Second question would be how many times she's been pregnant. Her children (before the 8 babies) are between the ages of 2 and 7 so...are any MULTIPLE births?

For all we know, this woman could have gotten pregnant 3 times and that's where the first 6 kids came from. We don't know so I wouldn't completely write her off as being irresponsible so soon.

Your coworker who said the lady more than likely wants help for her kids...why would she assume that? Did she read somewhere that she wanted help for the other 6 children? To be honest, that judgmental attitude is no different than someone seeing a young Black mother with her children and assuming she's on welfare.

If this woman is providing for her children with the help of her family, I don't think it's anyones business how her children are being cared for.

I'd look at both sides before condemning the woman for having 14 kids. I'm personally happy all her babies are alive and well.

Ms_Slim said...

I hear you and you are right....I am going off of the information given to me by the media. I should definitely take into account both sides before making an assessment (especially since it isnt really my argument to have.) But...I think what got my gears going was this:

"The woman declined to have the number of embryos reduced when she discovered she was carrying multiples". (That's irresponsible to me)

She had six before she discovered she was carrying multiples meaning...she had a choice. And given the fact that her husband will be going to Iraq shortly (in my eyes) only makes the situation that much worse. I fault the company as well considering they knew of her situation and all that. Establishments will do anything for a dollar, even go against their core values and medical ethics.

I guess I'm looking at it from a standpoint where "when there's adoption, they go through this BIIIG interview/judging process" but when it came to this situation, it was moreso about monetary gain...and that isnt fair.

But then again, like you said, it isnt "in my eyes", because it isnt me and I'm lookin at it from what I've been given. I just find it ridiculous and I feel sorry for those kids. I really hope that they are cared for properly, despite what her situation is.

Ms_Slim said...

Oh yea...and also, it isnt considered "abortion" (by medical standards) if she had chosen to get rid of some embryos if they are still in the egg stages. But everyone's definition of the term can differ, despite that...

I guess my coworker assumed that given the present state of the economy and also how it is such a trend. When there are wild births like that, there is usually a big handout given as well by the government, state, shows, media, etc etc...It's an assumption, sure...but it happens in a whole lot of cases where there are multi-births of such a great number

Assertive Wit said...

I found this article so now your view can be supported by something substantial:


NOW...with all things considered (and if the source is reputable; it looked like it was), at the end of the day, if she doesn't believe in abortion, I can understand her sticking it out. Understanding is one thing...thinking she's an idiot for not being on birth control in the first place is another (when she already had 6 other children).

The article I posted stated that it was her FATHER who was returning to Iraq. I guess that could have been read either way but I stand corrected.

The article stated they didn't really want media in their business and that might change later but that's what it is now...

But I did want to check before I just called the woman a fool, you know? LOL