09 January 2009

Yea...Business As Usual...

(Mister Crooked himself)

Plain & Simple: Our Governor Rod Blagojevich was impeached today…by a unanimous vote of 141-1

…And Blagojevich criticized the impeachment process, calling it biased…YET he’s got no explanation for the federal charges he’s be charged with.

Aside from shamelessly auctioning the Senate Seat, Blago has been busy with other less honorable dealings:

The committee on Thursday unanimously recommended impeachment based on the criminal charges but other allegations as well—that Blagojevich expanded a health care program without proper authority, that he circumvented hiring laws to give jobs to political allies, that he spent millions of dollars on foreign flu vaccine that he knew wasn’t needed and couldn’t be brought into the country.” (taken from the article I read on it today right HERE).

So given all of this, Blagojevich calls the impeachment process “biased”. Really, Blago?! Biased, how? I guess it’s unfair to cancel your political run right now based on all of these things. You’ve been good to Illinois as far as you’re concerned? Riiiight.

Then again, he could be onto something. Illinois is so notorious for a dirty legislation it’s ridiculous.

Business as usual, right? Business as usual……..

On an unrelated but still kinda related note, here’s a video/song I am really liking. Trust (and please believe) that I am not a Jeezy fan. But this song goes hella hard, no?



(The actual video's coding was blocked so I had to settle for this one...)

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sad thing is that he only doing what has been done behind closed doors for years

be blessed in the 2009 folk

Kofi Bofah said...

"hella hard?"

Are you from Oakland, CA?

As for G-Rod - who was that one fool that decided not to impeach?

Ms_Slim said...

Torrance: I'm just now seeing your comment. Sorry. Anyway, you're right--IL is notorious for the crooked politics so we shouldnt be surprised. Then again, we should, ya know....you be blessed also.. Take care!

Kofi: Nope. I'm from Chi City and I've been using "hella" for WAAAAAAAY longer than anyone I know from Oakland. Trust. lol. I dont know many folk from Oakland (aside from Nakia and a couple others) and there are far more folk that use that term from other lands, not Oakland. Just my experience...

Anyway, I forgot who said it at this point but the guy was interviewed and I remember him saying something to the effect of him not having enough concrete evidence either way and that he just voted against it because it's what his gut told him. Or something. *shrugs*

Kofi Bofah said...

Cool - I am originally from MD. Went to school at UNC and been in Chi for about 5 yrs.

"Hella" has always been a NoCal thing to me.

Just listen to E-40...