20 January 2009

Today Is An Awesome Day, Part 2

If you missed the last blog, catch it HERE.

I had to go ahead and make another blog—another part. Why? Well because the feel of the last one was so sincere and heartfelt. This one? Well this one is completely opposite of that, simply because I’m no longer talking about my best friend for 2009, President Barack Obama but…..George. Bush.

Now, everyone and their pet should be watching the Inauguration today. Did anyone else find that whole “going away” mini-ceremony for the President of the Devil, George W. Bush, a bit much? I mean…I totally understand that it’s “tradition” and all but in the spirit of all things right, did he really deserve all that? I mean for ten minutes, we had to see him walk to the helicopter, then the cameras focused on the Obamas and Bidens and how they looked at the helicopter, then we had to watch Bush get his ass in the helicopter, then the door had to close all slowly, then we had to witness the propellers go faster and faster (while the plane was still on the ground, no less) and then the Obamas and Bidens had to wave in unison and finally…..Bush was headed off and we had to watch him go up in the air and away from the goodness of today because…we don’t want a devil in the abyss, right? Right.

I just thought it was all so incredibly stupid. And I think Vice President Biden thought so too. When they had the cameras focused on the Bidens and Obamas when they were about to wave in unison at the helicopter, Joe Biden thought he was mad slick but…he saluted Mister Bush off before he gave the official “unison wave” on out. Like…”peace, nukka…and God Speed”. I chucked him the deuces and muttered to myself, “But why?! He condemned the nation to Hell! If anything, he should just make himself ghost today and forever on out because as far as I’m concerned, Bush should be worrying more about his safety than he does a proper goodbye. No one cares! Peace, nukka!”

Am I alone in feeling like this? Or did Bush really have some followers post the 4th Quarter of 2008? I’m just saying…

I've got one more part....

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